Five Basic Ways to Improve Your Small Business, SME’s (lesson one)

By: Kelvin Mawunya Ashong , Twitter @Mawunya_

Every great company you see started small. Rome they say wasn’t built in a day. You can start very small and if you are determined, you will surely become big. There are many things and steps to be taking to enable you succeed as a small business. But in this write up, I will give you just a few and the rest will be revealed in my subsequent writings so I would edge you to continue visiting this site to enable you read as time goes on. Let’s quickly digest on some five points that can help you improve your business.





  • Always learn from people who are already doing your kind of business

As a small business you have to learn from businesses that are already in the system and are doing your kind of business. This is very important because those already in the game might just have some experience you may love to tap into. Stay afar and watch things; watch how they operate and if possible, get in touch with them, become friends and as time goes on, you guys will certainly discuss business matters. In a way, these people hold the key for your business to also flourish as theirs are or even more. One strategy to use when you want to start a business is to look for same person doing what you might want to venture into. He or she gives you few guidelines and everything becomes easy for you though there are several struggles in the game, this might serve as a great tool to help you push your dream. By doing this you even get to build relationship with these people which make you get more advice from them on how to run your business from time to time.





  • Minimize cost and stop wasting money

For your small business to improve and flourish, you need to minimize your level of expenditure. I know very well you might just have some financial constraints at the very prime time of your business and inasmuch as you encounter these difficulties as a starter, you need to put measures in place as to how funds are allocated. You learn how to spend within your budget and within your means; you don’t buy things which are unnecessary. This one isn’t for only for small businesses but all big businesses; big companies and firms out there all try to minimize cost to help them maximize profit so it is smart move and a must for a small business to quickly adopt this policy wholeheartedly.





  • Make good use of social media

The use of social media is very critical and important for you as a small business and a starter. As a starter, you have a small business and for that matter, the generation of funds to help you to even build a credible website and other e-commerce platforms to help push your brand becomes a problem. Because of these I would advise you make good use of social media to push your brand. There are lots of social media platforms you can tap into. A place you can use judiciously to build your brand. Few of these sites include Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many more of these platforms are springing up so fast. I know of small businesses that through the use of social media; push their Products and how successful they have become over the years and are still doing very well. It also reduces your cost of doing business. As a small business, social media is definitely a place you have to fall on to. Succeed. We will talk more about social media in my next lesson on what to do to get engagements and more traffic on your page on social media and many more.





  •  Your product must be of good quality

Whatever product you are putting out there as a starter and as a small business must be of good quality. You should take your time; do more research on the product or what you really want to sell to your customers. Do not just get up one day out of the bloom and start your business, when you do so, you will start alright but you won’t be able to sustain it. It will die off in no time because you couldn’t take your time to do due diligence so in order to avoid this, get a team, do the appropriate research before you commence. Your business needs a strong and a solid foundation. Do not be in a rush to start but rather take your time to put things in order. For as long as it takes to put things together, kindly do so. It’s all worth it in the long run.





  • Learn to negotiate well

This point is a bit technical and therefore involves a lot. Since this is just one and the very first lesson on how to improve your small business, I will just touch on it a little and as we proceed, you will get to know more as far as negotiation is concern. You need to be a good negotiator in order to keep whatever business relationship you may have with your business partner. A good negotiation should help you build strong business relationships, create good value, coordinate actions for the sustainability of your business and many more. As I put across, negotiation entails a lot. We will take our time to explain in subsequent lessons. At times on the negotiating table, you have to negotiate to lose to enable you win another day.

We manage and coach SME’s and we have pride in doing just that and to see young businesses grow. This is just lesson one on how young businesses can improve and grow. We promise to enlighten you more on this topic. Check out for the next lesson on this particular topic coming soon. For any business deal, kindly send us email. Company email below thank you.


By Kelvin Mawunya Ashong. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube: Kelvin Mawunya Ashong, company: kam-links ltd,



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