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Methodist girls’ shs wins robofest competition in USA

May 23, 2019by Kam Links0

Methodist girls’ senior high school, a high school in Ghana has won the 2019 robofest competition which was organized in the United States of America. The school, which is located at Mamfe Akuapem in the Eastern Region, participated in the 20th edition of the World robofest this year.
Before they made it to the world platform, Methodist girls’ senior high school topped the preliminary contests held in Ghana among all the top senior high schools in the country. The program serves as a platform to use robotics to solve everyday problems. It has also been speculated that, very soon, robots will take over lots of works from humans. In fact this has even started in dome parts of the world.

The competition was well organized in a way that, tasks were given to participating schools from all over the world to find ways to solve the challenges. Some of these tasks given comprised building a robot to arrange boxes according to a Binary Number. This Binary Number is unveiled when all robots are impounded.
Great nations took part in this competition. Some of the participating countries were Japan, China, Korea, South Africa, United States, and Mexico.

We are proud of our girls for winning this one and making us proud. Deputy communications minister has promised the girls for a special treat on their return. Earlier on, he spoke to the leader of the girls. “Congratulations to the girls for winning for coming out successful, please come to our office on your return from the United State of America” he reveals on JoyTv, the pulse this afternoon. check out pictures of some of our girls who competed above

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