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House Democratic leadership members finally accept calls for Trump to be impeached

July 26, 2019by Kam Links0

Rep. Katherine Clark on Thursday has become the highest ranking member of House Democratic leadership to endorse an impeachment inquiry just a day after former special counsel Robert Muller’s testimony before congress. Clark represents the House Democratic Caucus vice chair, ranks sixth in the leadership hierarchy.

Democratic Rep. Annie Kuster who was undecided now supports an inquiry against President Trump. “It is my duty under my oath to the constitution to ensure nobody is above the law” she said. Clark noted that “an impeachment inquiry is a process, not an outcome, but i fear there is no amount of wrongdoing that we could uncover that would convince Senate Republicans to hold the President accountable. Regardless of the outcome. I believe we have a patriotic duty to uncover the facts for the American people and uphold the rule of law”

“I deeply respect the committee work of House Democrats to hold the President accountable including hearings, subpoenas and lawsuits. All of our efforts to put the facts before the American people, however, have been met with unprecedented stonewalling and obstruction. That is why i believe we need to open an impeachment inquiry that will provide us a more formal way to fully uncover the facts” Clark revealed in a statement.



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