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Archaeologists say they have found the church of the Apostles near Sea of Galilee after several years of search

August 4, 2019by Kam Links0

An ancient church rumored to be built over the house the apostles Peter and Andrew lived has finally been found near the Sea of Galilee somewhere in Israel. According to a news update from the center, the church is believed to be from the Byzantine period, which has been found near the Jordan River estuary on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee.

A group of excavators affiliated with Kinneret College in Israel, Nyack College in New York and the Center for the Study of Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins explained they discovered the church in June 2019. One researcher Notley noted “that the church of the Apostle as we have begun to call it, built over the house of Peter and Andrew must have been a magnificent structure. It will take another season to fully uncover it”

The Holy Bible explains that Peter and Andrew were brothers and the first disciples of Jesus Christ. The two were fishing on the sea of Galilee when Jesus found them and asked them to follow him.



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