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Breaking news: America’s coronavirus death toll rises to 1,035 with close to 70000 infections. 13 people died in NYC hours ago

March 26, 2020by Kelvin M. Ashong0

Confirmed cases of deadly covid-19 is  now close to 70000 according to reports with death toll at 1,035. Spectator Index has revealed that current infections is now at 68,568.

New 13 case were reported at Elmhurston hospital in Queens where a refrigerated truck had been stationed outside to hold lifeless bodies. One doctor of the hospital, Ashley Bray said 13 people died and described the situation as apocalyptic.

I don’t really care if I get in trouble. I want people to know this is bad, people are dying” she said

As of yesterday,  United States recorded 570 fatalities. This means within 24 hours, the number nearly doubled. Infections as of yesterday in America was around 46000. That too jumped today. People say the mass testing prompt this huge number of cases.


Last week experts warned the situation in America could escalate like that of Italy if stringent measures are not adhered to. We don’t want this to happen, as America remains the world’s power house.

President Trump and his team are doing amazing job to curb the spread. They could just do better to find a lasting solution to this pandemic ASAP. Let’s fight the unseen enemy, lets #FightCOVID19



Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter  @Mawunya_

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