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Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta announced pay cut. He and VP taking 80% off, reduced VAT from 26% to 24% etc. as relief packages amid coronavirus crisis…more here

March 26, 2020by Kam Links0

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya has announced some major reforms running from top position of the land through to his cabinet. The president also reduced income tax, Value added tax, VAT etc. While Kenyans battle coronavirus pandemic.

According to the president,  this will serve as a relief while they fight the virus. Both Uhuru Kenyatta and his vice, Ruto are taking 80% pay cut. Also, his cabinet will take 30% cut while principal secretaries will take 20% cut.


The current income task have also been dropped from 30% to 25%  value added tax, VAT also reduced from 16% to 14%. All these is in quest to ease Kenyan businesses and to assit6them revamp after the crisis. He also announced tax relief for those who earn shs24k or less.

Giant economies also hit by this deadly disease like USA,  Spain,  Germany,  UK etc. announced stimulus packages to help rejuvenate businesses. America alone announced about $1.8 million as stimulus measures to help affected businesses.



This must be a very good initiative by the kenyan government and we hope other African nations would emulate Kenyans.



Close to 1000 cases have been confirmed throughout the  continent. Yesterday Ghana announced its 68th case with death toll at 4. Many have called the government to lockdown Ghana as some countries are seen shutting down everything for a period of 21days.


Countries like South Africa,  Rwanda,  Uganda,  India,  UK, Italy, Dr.  Congo and many more are all under lockdown



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