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I’ve never asked for a title or tried to lie – Kylie Jenner fight Forbes after the site labels her as ‘no longer a billionaire’ says Forbes is fake


Kylie Jenner is out with series of tweets debunking allegations from Forbes that she’s ‘no more a billionaire’. According to her, she never asked Forbes to give her that billionaire title in the first place.


Forbes magazine claims Jenner had accountants who created fake false tax returns ‘to help juice Forbes’. The magazine revealed and has readjusted figures earlier saying kylie Jenner is not broke and worth $900 million and would someday attain a billionaire status.



According to Forbes,  kylie Jenner’s family invited the team into their mansions and CPA’s offices. “The Jenners provided documents showing Kylie’s company’s annual revenue from 2016 to 2018 was somewhere between $307 million to $360 million per year”

In one tweet,  she insists her tax returns are genuine and not forged documents.


The magazine later claims those numbers were hugely exaggerated and that, the real numbers were $125 million for 2018, $177 million for 2017 without providing that of 2016.


But to kylie Jenner,  she’s just doing fine and doing ok.

Kylie made her fortune from entertainment and cosmetics.

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