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“I’m only 19 & bedded at least 25men but still can’t find love” lady claims


A lady claims she’s just 19years old but has already slept with at least 25 men yet, she still cant find love.




“That’s a lot to consider,  I’m only 19. I first had sex when I was 15. I have counted up all the men I’ve been with losing my virginity. It’s at least 25” she narrates her story.


“I thought I’d find love with the men I slept with but every time, I ended up on my own. My parents were  constantly fighting at home and had no time for me. Then dad walked out and mum found a boyfriend the very next night. So I badly needed attention and someone to give me some love. I thought I’d find it through going to bed with a guy in my class. It did feel good at that time but he blanked me at school the next day, then I thought I should try someone older than me and started flirting with my best friends older brother”


She continued “I kept on with this pattern after that. Each time I hoped I’d find someone who wanted to stay with me but I just never did. It was during the lockdown that I started to think about life and about where I’d gone wrong”


It’s all good the lockdown has made people to stay alone to resonate on their past lives and compere to the present and where they really wanna be in the future. Doing wrongs sometimes is not really our faults but our backgrounds, our family histories and where we are coming from and how we were brought up – Mawunya

Source: the sun

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“But in all this, we can only blame ourselves, think critically to our places  of solitary in this trying times to make amends. We can always take up responsibility  to make our lives better” Mawunya

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Kelvin M. Ashong

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