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July 30, 2020by Kwesi Afful0

As part of combating the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, the government put in place measures and directives that everyone must follow and also closed down schools, churches, drinking bars, and restaurants, social gatherings, and all of our boarders. In the process of easing the restrictions, all final year students of tertiary, Senior, and Junior high together with second-year gold track students in senior high Schools should return to class and write their final exams whiles observing all the COVID 19 protocols.

To stop the spread of the virus among the students, all day students in senior high schools were allowed to stay on the campus of the school as boarders, no visitation, and many more.

Upon all these measures put in place in the schools, *NAMONG SENIOR HIGH TECHNICAL SCHOOL* in offinso South municipality has deboardenised over 8 students for refusing to attend to their prescribed hospital for treatment.

According to some of the students, if you are not feeling well and the school authorities grant you the permission to attend to hospital and you didn’t go to Namong SDA hospital and go to any other health center and you come back with receipt of the institution, then you are sacked by the Headmistress, Ms. Perl Owusu under the influence of the senior housemistress Ms. Christiana Derby.

Speaking to Asonaba of offinso base Time FM, the students continue by saying that despite the government directives that day students should be boarders bit it is not happening that way in the school so no day student granted the permission to be a boarder.

The headmistress Ms. Perl Owusu on her response to the allegation against her and the house mistress said it’s true that the students have been deboardenise because they breached the protocols and also did not attend to the prescribed hospital which is an affiliate to the school.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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