Tesla boss, Elon Musk tops Mark Zuckerberg to become world’s third billionaire. Jeff Bezos still leads followed by Bill Gates

Founder of Taslsa and PayPal passes founder of Facebook to become the world’s third billionaire. Just few ago, the multi billion dollar car maker owner reached the centibillionaire club, joining world billionaires club.



Elon Musk who’s just 49year old has seen an increment in his wealth of $87.8 billion this year alone. He has  become the world’s third richest, amassing an estimated fortune of $115.4billion. Tesla shares went up by %500 on the stock market, making him topping founder of giant media company, Facebook’s boss.


Founder of Microsoft,  Bill Gates still holds position as the world’s second richest with $125billion with founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos still topping the world’s billionaires chat amassing over $200billion. Mark Zuckerberg’s is worth $110.8 at a moment.



Elon Musk was a able to top Facebook boss after Tesla’s 5-1 stock split, meaning a share was split into five with no change to total value of investors holdings, which automatically lowers the company’s share price. This made it possible for smaller groups and individual investors to purchase.



This strategy has made it possible for more people to purchase the Tesla’s shares.


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