Watch: Archaeologists in Egypt discover 59 ancient sarcophagus, buried over 2,500years ago near Saqqara pyramids

New discovery as archaeologists discover 59 ancient coffins believed to be over 2,500years old near Saqqara pyramids.

ABC news gathered that, Egyptian archaeologists have “unveiled a collection of 59 ancient sarcophagus unearthed in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara”

According to the news portal, more are expected to be exhumed from the burial site used by inhabitants of Memphis, the ancient capital. Antiquities Minister, Khaled El-Anany told reporters this was just the beginning of the discovery as more research is underway. “This is not the end of the discovery, this is only the beginning. We haven’t had that chance to announce a discovery since March because of covid-19 restrictions but we have battled such conditions and have worked harder since August ro dig and uncover more secrets of this great civilisation. He told news reporters.

Most of these sarcophagus were found to have been painted and inscribed with hieroglyphs and were discovered intact, how amazing. This video below is a showcase of how two of them were opened

That was a video of how one sarcophagi was unveiled. Interesting right?

The Sarcophagus are said to have their dates back to the 26th dynasty which is about 2,500 years ago. The researchers revealed that top officials like during that dynasty, including priests, Egyptian mummies etc. have all been buried in them.

This is another discovery for Egypt, a development to boost the country’s tourism industry Twitter @kamlinks_

Source: ABC news

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