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November 3, 2020by Kwesi Afful0

Over One thousand (1000) Contractors who undertook various projects under the Government flagship program *$1Million per Constituency* have vowed not to vote in the upcoming December 2020 General Elections because they have not received any payment from Government on the various projects they have Constructed  across the country.

Speaking to journalists in an interview  at *Techiman*;Bono East Regional capital , The  Spokes Person of the Aggrieved Contractors ; *Nana Ampong* opined that a lot of the said Contractors went  for Loans at various financial institutions in which included some credit unions with high interest rate  thinking that their monies would have been paid earlier by government in order to have pay back their loans but to no avail.

After these Financial Institutions heard the contractors have been paid by Government.

To this end ,all the aggrieved Customers want their monies to be paid with immediate effect or else ,they will follow the President ; *Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo* with placards amid demonstrations any where he goes because they are been chased by their bankers for repayment of their loans.

Nana Ampong further stated that they undertaken major projects under various Authorities such as *Northern Development Authority,Middle Belt Development Authority and Coastal Development Authority* which has supervised specific projects like Construction of *10 and 16 seater toilet facilities, Market Stores,Durbar grounds ,Police Post , 3 and 6unit Class room blocks , construction of green grass pitches ,bore holes etc*  all under *$1 Million Per Constituency Projects* without any payment made by government to that effect in which some of the facilities are been used by various institutions  making it difficult to defend themselves that they have not been paid by government hence this warning.

In conclusion ,Nana Ampong said the same contractors have not been paid for projects executed under *Ghana First Program* after building several toilet facilities through out the country.

He appealed to Ghanaians not to politicized the issue but rather support their plea or else such Contractors and their relatives would not vote on December 7,2020 Election since life in unbearable for them.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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