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Watch: Large crowd of Nigerians mass up on the streets chanting Donald Trump’s name, showing their support over Joe Biden

November 3, 2020by Kelvin M. Ashong0

A video of large number of Nigerians has gone viral on social media of their support for Donald Trump. The president has been very smart about the development and quickly tweeted hours after the video went viral.

He tweeted with the Caption ‘a parade for me in Nigeria,  a great honor’


Some Nigerians are not happy with the current development. To many, they’re a disgrace to Nigerians. One Nigerian tweeter influencer has described the situation as a ‘curse’


Donald Trump is currently facing a tight race with former vice president, Joe Biden.


So far  early polls are suggesting Biden is in a comfortable lead but until then, we can’t conclude because same thing happened in 2016, when Trump won massively after the entire election was announced. Twitter @Mawunya_

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