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Watch: For those who voted for Donald Trump, let’s give each other a chance, its time to heal America – President elect Joe Biden

November 8, 2020by Kelvin M. Ashong0

Joe Biden made a very touching speech after several media platforms projected him as the new leader of the free world, the United states of America. News portals like CNC, BBC, ABC, Fox News etc. yesterday projected a win for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, now president elect of America.


His speech few hours after was a touching one. According to him, this is not the time for separation but togetherness. He told his opponent, Trump’s supporters to rally with him to help ‘heal America’


Several heads of states congratulated him on his victory. The likes of Justin Trudeau of Canada, Angela Merkel of Germany, Emmanuel Macron of France, Narendra Modi of India and many other head of states across the globe had congratulated him for his epic success.

He thanked Americans and all who trusted him, and worked so hard to make this possible

‘To all those who volunteered, worked the polls in the middle of this pandemic, local election officials, you deserve a special thanks from this nation’ Joe tweeted.


Video of how him,

and his vice Kamala Harris, including members of the first family to be and that of Harris celebrated on stage is below.


According to news reports, his opponent president Donald Trump is not ready to concede defeat as he sends the case to court, accusing the electoral process of voter fraud. But according to judges, there is no substantial evidence to ascertain to that effect that, there has been fraud.


Joe Biden is calling on all Americans to come together to help build a save America. He also revealed that though he’s a Democrat, he’s the president for America and not any blue or red state, only the United states of America. Twitter @Mawunya_

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