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China’s Xi Jinping & Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin won’t congratulate Joe Biden until USA official results & Donald Trump’s legal actions are completed

November 9, 2020by Kelvin M. Ashong0

Unlike other state heads across the world, Russian president Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping will not congratulate president elect Joe Biden, of the United states of America until official results are announced and incumbent president,  Donald Trump’s legal procedures come to an end.


Narendra Modi of India, Angela Merkel of Germany,  Emmanuel Macron of France, Prime minister of United Kingdom, Boris Johnson and many other leaders across the globe congratulated Joe Biden after projections from countless media houses across America that, Joe Biden had won the 2020 general elections.


But China Xi Jinping and Russia’s president are yet to. According to USA Today news agency, Peskov, an official of Putin’s administration said ‘They are facing certain legal procedures that were announced by the incumbent president, which makes the situation different so we deem it as correct to wait for the official announcement’


President Trump has accused the whole electoral system of being corrupt and has refused to concede the election after former vice president, Joe Biden took him by surprise in the 2020 polls. He is now challenging the integrity of the elections by legal actions. Trump’s campaign team has filed several lawsuits of some manipulations in the general elections and how it has been rigged. Twitter @Mawunya_

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