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Pfizer says it’s covid-19 vaccine is 90% effective and could start distributions soon

November 10, 2020by Kelvin M. Ashong0

Pfizer announced on Monday its coronavirus vaccine was 90% effective and could begin distributions next month. The medical centre poster on Twitter, from their website about the good news, which followed with criticisms from president Trump.



The president who has been defeated by former vice president Joe Biden according to early projections by United states media platforms noted that the pharmaceutical giant downplayed and held the announcement until after the 2020 elections. He posted on Twitter that it was a deliberate attempt not to give him the credit he deserves so that he could gain more votes from the electorate.


According to Pfizer,  the new coronavirus vaccine is at least 90% effective in an early analysis and could be authorized as fast as this December. For now, more safety data and other protocol medical measures needed to before the big pharmaceutical company will get authorization from United states Food and Drugs Authority.

Pfizer says there are ‘no safety concerns’ new coronavirus vaccine according to CEO Dr. Albert Bourla

But experts have warned Pfizer vaccine is a kind of new technology that has never been used in mass human vaccination and more research has to be carried out to ascertain it’s full potentials Twitter @Mawunya_



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