Elon Musk tops Bill Gates, becomes the world’s second wealthiest after Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk surpasses Bill Gates to become the world’s second wealthiest person. His net worth shoot up according to Bloomberg wealth, amassing $127.9 billion compared to Bill Gates $127.7billion.

Elon Musk who doubles to be the founder of PayPal and electric car maker, Tesla who’s just 49 years old added $100billion to his net worth according to Bloomberg wealth. He became part of century billionaires when he hit the $100billion billion mark this year, joining Bill Gates and Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who is worth more than $200 billion.


His fortunes rise up is largely influenced by his giant electric car company, Tesla after its market value hit $500billion on Tuesday, November 24th. About three quarter of his worth is comprised of Tesla shares which are valued more than four times as much as his stake in space exploration. He really made so much sacrifices over these years. He revealed the he invested much into all these three companies that saw a rise in his wealth. “My proceeds from PayPal were $180 million, I put $100 million in SpaceX, $70million in Tesla and $10 million in solar city” Elon Musk

Here’s it, you can’t dream and seat back down,  you have to face challenges, make sacrifices to reach your goals.




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