2020 in introspection, the good and bad, welcoming 2021 – Mawunya

In as much as 2020 has been a hell of a year, a year many wouldn’t like to ever experience again, it is/was also a year for solemn reflection on one’s personal life. A year for re-examination into one’s journey. Many people came up with resolutions as a guide into 2020 exactly a year ago. During New Years Eve celebrations, prophets, pastors and lots of men of God as usual made pronouncements to congregations as a sign of faith of ‘speaking into existence’ in line with their expectations in life. Some even came up with daring prophecies as to how 2020 would be like, prophecies that never saw the daylight, leaving doubt in many minds as to whether there exist true men of God. Well I think some very few good ones are still there but there are many, who spew lies just to exploit many, somethingthe Christianfaithmust be on guard. Our Lord Jesus Christ said not every one who mentions my name or even heals in my name is a man of God and will see the kingdom of God. This assertion from our Lord should prompt us every day of filth in the world today and to thread cautiously.


Has all these resolutions from individuals been fulfilled? Well let’s leave that for year 2020 to explain and to give us reasons why dreams, aspirations and plans of many never manifested.


First month of 2020 January came with tensions with the United states of America and Iran when the U.S killed top Iranian commander Soleimani in an airstrike operation based on allegations of sponsoring terrorism. This sparked tensions between these two nations when Iran vowed to retaliate at all costs and had placed a 200million dollar bounty on President John Donald Trump who happens to be the outgoing leader of America.


Few weeks after, the whole world came to a standstill. Something terrible has hit the surface of the world, a disaster, pandemic. It was the virus from China, what Trump described as the ‘Chinese virus’ that emanated from Wuhan, China. It was coronavirus what the World Health Organisation named covid-19. This infected millions of people all over the world and killed many. We all know this for a fact so I won’t go deeper, no I will never allow this terrible virus to divert my attention from the main reason I am writing these few words.


These were times of uncertainties and you can attest to the fact that it’s the true definition of ‘the future is never promised and it remains unpredictable’. Covid-19 robbed many of their jobs, lost of lives and many other livelihoods taken but through this all, people stood firm to battle it all out. In as much as much wailing and sorrowful moments were recorded and reported all over the world, we equally had few wins, we equally enjoyed moments we will never forget. This is exactly what I want to talk about. 2020 thought many of us the saying ‘there’s good in every misfortune’ was true. As I said earlier on that many jobs and lives were lost, many opportunities were also created. This is how powerful GOD created mankind, to see the beauty side in every situation and to make it beautiful and a memorable one, memory that will never fade away even if you’re no more, make sure generations remember you. This is what life is all about, to live for others while you live.


Life itself is full of challenges and this is exactly why we’re here. The problems never end, you solve this one and another knocks your door. And 2020 was just one hell of a problem the world is trying to solve and as we proceed to 2021, lets reflect on the quiet times we spent together during the lockdown, the little times we spent with our families and loved ones, the times we spent with God, our creator. For all you know, one has the power to discover his/her true purpose in life amids tribulations and very difficult times. Be rather vigilant but also live life to the fullest. Make some beautiful memories out of your struggles. You are powerful than you think and capable of doing amazingly well.

Look at the storm whenever you’re down, smile just like these two beautiful ladies and say ‘yes I can do it. I wish you a happy new year ahead. There’s always good news at the end of the tunnel. Walk into 2021 with more power and love.



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