Monthly Archives: January 2021

Former President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica dubbed the poorest President in the world. Read his response here

Former President of Uruguay, Jose Munica has been considered as the poorest President in the world according to international media. The former president lived a very simple life during his tenure in office and still lives a very simple life after. The most valuable asset of Jose Mujica is a 1987 VW Beatle. He currently […]

Every 17 seconds a woman is raped in South Africa according to interpol, making it the rape capital of the world

There were over 4723 cases of rape and sexual assault in 2029 alone in SouthAfrica. Victims of this barbaric crime have been sharing their experiences over the years and I must confess it’s very painful to even watch or hear. According to interpol study, a woman is raped every 17 seconds in South Africa, making […]

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