Every 17 seconds a woman is raped in South Africa according to interpol, making it the rape capital of the world

There were over 4723 cases of rape and sexual assault in 2029 alone in SouthAfrica. Victims of this barbaric crime have been sharing their experiences over the years and I must confess it’s very painful to even watch or hear. According to interpol study, a woman is raped every 17 seconds in South Africa, making it the highest in the world, topping America’s 2 minutes and India’s 15 minutes.


This is very alarming and disturbing to say. There are countries across the globe where violence against women mostly occurs. For instance in India, a woman is raped every 15 minutes according to survey. The time difference between these two countries where these tragic incidents occur should tell you how serious the situation is in South Africa. South Africa has been name the ‘rape capital’ of the world by interpol. According to interpol, women in South Africa are more likely to be raped than educated. Also, the study found that women are killed almost every three hours in SA, making life very unbearable and uncomfortable to stay.

This was someone sharing his personal story of how living in SA was very uncomfortable for one particular woman all because of rape and had to relocate to her her home, England.


There have been reports of violence across South Africa in recent years. Now the biggest question is why all these? Are the laws really working to protect women when these horrible crimes being committed? What measures has the country put in place to find a lasting solution to these problems?.


The thing is lots of these cases even go unreported. The records of women being raped every 17 to 30 seconds excludes the number of child rape victims as many of such incidents are often reported across South Africa, making the situation even more worse.

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