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Breaking news: House of Representatives in America passes resolution, calling Mike Pence to invoke 25th Amendment to impeach President Trump

January 13, 2021by Kelvin M. Ashong0

US House of Representatives successfully passed a resolution, calling for vice president Mike Pence to invoke 25th amendment which will get President Donald Trump impeached for the second time. This came after the recent attack on politicians in Capitol Hill, Which led to the demise of some officials and injuring many. The House passed 224 to 204 votes but Mike Pence said he was not ready to do so. Majority of Americans are calling for his removal for inciting violence and insurrection.


When this happens, Trump will go in history as the only American president to be impeached twice and finally removed from office. Lots of social media platforms have suspended the president form their platforms after Twitter permanently suspended the president last weekend. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube have all followed suit.

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