Former President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica dubbed the poorest President in the world. Read his response here

Former President of Uruguay, Jose Munica has been considered as the poorest President in the world according to international media. The former president lived a very simple life during his tenure in office and still lives a very simple life after.

The most valuable asset of Jose Mujica is a 1987 VW Beatle. He currently lives in a small farmhouse with his lovely wife and his dog as you can see in the picture above.

This was his response when he heard the news “I am not a poor president, poor people are those who want more and more, those who never have enough of anything. These are the poor because they live in a never ending cycle” the former president explained.


The president is also a humanitarian and a great philanthropist. He has been doing lots of donations across Uruguay. He lives on only 10% of his salary, spending the rest 90% on charity and to educate children whose parents can’t afford to send them to school.


The question is do we still have such men? Imagine how our world would become if we have only 10 of Mr. Jose Mujica in every country of the world


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