We at times chase wrong people without knowing God pushes them away for our own good

Sometimes God may just be working for our own good. People walk out from our lives for no reasons, and we begin to think why it’s so. Well God may just be doing that to protect you from those who you from toxic lovers or friendships. Someone who really love you will not say bad things behind your back to denigrate your name, no they wont do that.

God removes people from your life because he heard conversations you didn’t hear

Here’s the meaning of this statement: God will not push someone who’s positive towards you out of your way. No, God will never push someone who really want the best for you but will surely take away toxic people out of your way. People who say bad things about us are backstabers and the only one who can know if they’re for you or against you is GOD. Well, other friends whoreally love and cherish you may also tell you but the best is God. He goes all the way to drive anyone who remains toxic to his children. And at times, we experience things of this kind and we dont just understand. Sometimes its God at work. He’s working for you behind the scenes. Trust him

He normally give these guys grace periods, expecting them to turn from their ways, for God is a loving God but when he sees its getting serious and you may be harmed, he takes them away. So here’s what I have to tell you. Do not be disturbed when all of a sudden some people ain’t talking to you no more or don’twant to see you, don’t be worried when they walk away. Sometimes, God is doing you good. Remember he watches over us and that’s just one way to reward you for being faithful to him for he’s always a faithful loving God.

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