Death penalty is ‘inhumane and flawed practice’ all governments must abolish it – Global Business leaders

Global Business Leaders on Thursday March 18. 2021 launched their campaign against death penalty. The leaders made their position known on the issue of death penalty, calling for its abolishment. The leaders are calling on all governments across the globe to put an end the the practice. One of the key speakers Richard Branson revealed that the death penalty is broken beyond repairs.

The death is broken beyond repairs and plainly fails to deliver justice by every reasonable measure. It is marred by cruelty, waste, ineffectiveness, discrimination and unacceptable risk error. He said

Initial signatories for Business against death penalty include very influential business moguls across the world. Politically, Joe Biden who is currently the president of the United states has openly condemned executions and is under pressure to end federal death penalty in the US.

The Global Leaders group plan to increase the push for change and for a global discourse prior World Day Against the Death penalty come October 10. However, some United Nation member states have already taken the lead to abolish the penalty in practice or law.

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