British airways will move Accra – London flights from Heathrow to Gatwick airport in October 2021

British airways is said to move Accra – London flights from Heathrow airport to Gatwick airport according to reports. Last month, British airways announced it was going to direct all Accra – London flights from Heathrow to Gatwick but that decision was later rescinded by British government after Ghana government showed their displeasure. Well that decision would have taken effect from March 28 but because government of Ghana was opposed to it, it was cancelled.

Just yesterday, British airways reversed its decision to direct all Accra London flights from Heathrow to Gatwick, saying it was based on operational concerns. “Last December you would have received an email advising you that your Accra booking had moved from Heathrow to London Gatwick. Due to operational reasons, our Accra our Accra services will now revert to departing/arriving from London Heathrow until end of October. We apologise for any disruption or confusion this may cause”. statement released by British airways explained.

Former minister of transport Mr Kwame Agbodza expressed his concerns about the issue, describing it as ‘bad faith’ on the side of British government for failing to keep their part of the deal and has advised this current government to retaliate or evenboycott Britishairways. He noted that, retaliating would have been very easy if Ghana also had any other international airport like KTI maybe situated in Tamale.

According to him, Ghana and British government have had very cordial relations for sometime now and because of their close diplomatic ties, things should have been handled differently

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