World’s 10 best countries to start business (2021)

The whole world woke up early 2020 to witness a pandemic that crippled great nations almost brought super powerful nations to zero. People call it the ‘evil virus’. It was coronavirus, covid-19 according to WHO. Well it is still here with us even in 2021 though vaccines have been released. The world is gradually healing from this terrible disease. Today, we will like to discuss with you best countries to start business as a beginner in covid-19 era. we will discuss with you at least 10 best countries to get easy access to documents and legal procedures etc. to enable you build your business amidst covid-19 in 2021.

The sixth best country to commence business as a starter is India. India is an Asian country that shares border with China. India is currently the second most populous country in the world with over 1.4billion people. Despite coronavirus spikes, India still has that friendly environment of getting your business registered. Legal procedures of starting business in India will not take you more than 18 days, making it abit okay for young entrepreneurs who will love to start their own businesses.

Singapore is fifth on the list. It will take you only two days or less to get your business registered as a beginner. What is good is that, the country is well known to be a supporter of private enterprises, a nation that is environmentally friendly and gives the best assistance needed for business to work. In 2020 during the pandemic, Singapore came up with a very sumptuous stimulus package to support the private sector.

United States of America is the fourth place to start business. US has population of over 332,915000 people and it takes very less stress to start a business venture as a starter. America has the very best system in the world that is well built to support American citizens and foreigners who want to start business. America has history of the greater labour force being foreigners who have the American dream who relocated with the ambition to make their dreams come true. Current President, Joe Biden’s administration endorsed trillions of dollars stimulus package to support American citizens. Former president Trump did same during the inception of covid-19.

Third on the list is China. China is now the most populous nation in the world with over 1.4billion people. The Chinese government owns the means of production because she practices communist government. Amidst all these, China has grown over the years to be become a super power economy. China has cheap labour. It will take you less capital to start business of your own in china. In Beijing for instance, one can actually start business with no fees. And getting legal documents in China is very easy since everything is online, business registration procedures becomes well simplified.

Second best country to start your own business is Malaysia, situated in southeast Asia. It will take you only 17 days to get your company registered in Malaysia. The most interesting thing is that the entire registration process is online.

Thailand tops the list as the best place to start business. It will take you only 7 days to start your business in Thailand. Business Registration fees in Thailand is cheap and fixed as well, labour is also very cheap.

The following countries summed it up with Georgia coming seventh, United Kingdom eighth, Norway ninth and Sweden tenth with similar preferences

Note: analysis is based on several factors like starting of business, easy access to credit, cost of registration fees, easy access to labour, dealing with permit procedures, tax reforms etc.

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