Facebook data breach: Over 500million users affected includes 1million Ghanaians

The data of over one million Ghanaian Facebook users have been affected after a recent report indicating facebook data breach. The report revealed that personal data of about 553million users of the biggest social media platform in the world have been leaked. Personal information includes phone numbers, emails and other necessary informations needed to become a user of any social media platform.

The database of over 500million Facebook users was noticed on a hacking platform by Chief technology officer of Hudsin Rock, Alon Gal. The report further indicated that a chunk of the data comes from the United States of America, which accounts for over 32million records to have been compromised. Ghana’s renowned News Portal, Joy News revealed on 6th April 2020 during their 10:00am broadcast that over one million Ghanaians have also been affected in this data breach.

Facebook is currently the biggest social media company in the world with over 2.6billion users worldwide. Data protection agency in Ghana has warned Ghanaians to be mindful of what they display online, on these social media platforms. One of their officers noted that, the only person who can well protect his/her data is the individual.

A screenshot posted by Alon Gal revealed about 28million accounts to have also been affected from several countries ie. 8million from Brazil, 7million from Australia, 17million from Saudi Arabia and many more

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