10 best African countries to do business (2021)

African continent has the highest youth population in the world. The continent is gradually becoming a very vibrant one. Wherever there’s a lot of problem lies opportunities that can’t be overlooked.

Africa is a continent full of many problems and therefore, countless opportunities as well. We will share with you the best countries across the continent where your you can succeed as a business person

Tunisia is tenth on the list. Tunisia is a North African country, full of many potentials purposely because of her diversified economic nature and the ability to easily accommodate business deals. Tunisia’s market performance is ranked 39, personal freedom 42 worldwide

Zambia is next on the list. It is a south African country ranked 86. Zambia held the fastest growing economy over the last 10years in Africa. Access to credit in Zambia is easy due to her new ‘Movable property Act. The law implemented allows functional secured transaction system. The collateral registry is fully operational and its searchable by a unique identifier of the debtor which makes it easy to trace. Zambia also implemented an online customs data management platform called ASYCUBA world, making explort and import very easy

Senegal is a West African country. it is 81 on the world’s list of best countries to do business. Senegal is well endowed with natural resources. Tourism, agriculture, mining, construction are backbone of Senegal’s economy. Her ranking in personal freedom is 42 and innovation 50 in the world. Senegal improved her energy sector, making power outages a thing of the past, making it easy and convenient for businesses to thrive.

Rwanda is an east African country. Rwanda relies heavily on her minerals, coffee, tea and tourism for foreign exchange. Rwanda is currently ranked 33 in property rights and 47 in innovation. Arguably, Rwanda is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. it is fast growing to become the regional hub for information technology. There’s an online process to facilitate registration of property transfers

Cape vade is sixth on the list. Cape vade is a country noted to have suffered and still struggles with natural resource base, the country is ranked 14 in monetary freedom and first in personal freedom in Africa. Cape vade is a service oriented nation. Her economic support is based on tourism, transport and massive ecommerce business operations across the nation. Cape vade also introduced an online automated customs data management system ASYCUDA world, making it easier for exporting and importing transactions.

Botswana is a southern African country, ranked 68 in the world. it is one of the most stable and reliable countries across Africa to do business. Botswana’s economy is basically backed by diamond mining which has helped the economy to grow. Botswana has managed to maintain one of the world’s highest economic growth rates since 1996. Innovation hub of Botswana supported by the government has been structured to support small scale and medium enterprises, global businesses who’ll come to invest in the economy and Botswana’s indigenous start – ups

Namibia, also a south African country is 4th on the list. The country has introduced electronic filing system, making the enforcement of contracts much easier. Namibia’s economy is heavily religion her mutual minerals resources. Namibia is currently the world’s 5th largest producer of uranium. It is ranked 63 in the world. Currently Namibia is ranked 55 in trade freedom and 5 in market performance

Morocco comes third on the list. Morocco, a North African country, very close to Europe is ranked 51 globally. Morocco is poised to building a diversified open-market economy and its nature of law labour cost has made it easy for businesses to thrive. The law labour cost has actually attracted foreign investors to Morocco which is true economic boost. It is ranked 21 in monetory freedom and 17 in market performance. payment of taxes is very easy since there’s an online system designed to help. Morocco uses double system which is stamp duty with the application of business commencement and incorporation.

South Africa comes second on list. South Africa is a middle income economy. It is arguably believed that south Africa is Africa’s economic power house. It is ranked 48 on the world stage to do business. The country is endowed with natural mineral resources. it also has a well developed energy and service sector ie. legal, financial, transportation, communications sector etc. It is arguably the second destination to do business inAfrica. It is rated 22 in investor protection, 30 in property rights.

Mauritius is number one on the list. It is a small island situated on the coast of East Africa. It is ranked 39 on the list. 4 on trade freedom and 34 on property rights. Over the years, Mauritius has been able to transform from a low income based agricultural economy into a diversified upper middle income economy with very great potential. It has well managed banking sector and solid tourist sites which attracts many foreigners into Mauritius. It is very easy to start any form of business venture in Mauritius simply because of how the system has been built. Government of Mauritius has eliminated transfer tax and registration duty.

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