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Kelvin M. Ashong, Author at Passion 4 Excellence

November 25, 2020

Elon Musk surpasses Bill Gates to become the world’s second wealthiest person. His net worth shoot up according to Bloomberg wealth, amassing $127.9 billion compared to Bill Gates $127.7billion.

Elon Musk who doubles to be the founder of PayPal and electric car maker, Tesla who’s just 49 years old added $100billion to his net worth according to Bloomberg wealth. He became part of century billionaires when he hit the $100billion billion mark this year, joining Bill Gates and Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who is worth more than $200 billion.


His fortunes rise up is largely influenced by his giant electric car company, Tesla after its market value hit $500billion on Tuesday, November 24th. About three quarter of his worth is comprised of Tesla shares which are valued more than four times as much as his stake in space exploration. He really made so much sacrifices over these years. He revealed the he invested much into all these three companies that saw a rise in his wealth. “My proceeds from PayPal were $180 million, I put $100 million in SpaceX, $70million in Tesla and $10 million in solar city” Elon Musk

Here’s it, you can’t dream and seat back down,  you have to face challenges, make sacrifices to reach your goals.

Twitter @Mawunya

November 10, 2020

Pfizer announced on Monday its coronavirus vaccine was 90% effective and could begin distributions next month. The medical centre poster on Twitter, from their website about the good news, which followed with criticisms from president Trump.



The president who has been defeated by former vice president Joe Biden according to early projections by United states media platforms noted that the pharmaceutical giant downplayed and held the announcement until after the 2020 elections. He posted on Twitter that it was a deliberate attempt not to give him the credit he deserves so that he could gain more votes from the electorate.


According to Pfizer,  the new coronavirus vaccine is at least 90% effective in an early analysis and could be authorized as fast as this December. For now, more safety data and other protocol medical measures needed to before the big pharmaceutical company will get authorization from United states Food and Drugs Authority.

Pfizer says there are ‘no safety concerns’ new coronavirus vaccine according to CEO Dr. Albert Bourla

But experts have warned Pfizer vaccine is a kind of new technology that has never been used in mass human vaccination and more research has to be carried out to ascertain it’s full potentials Twitter @Mawunya_


November 9, 2020

Unlike other state heads across the world, Russian president Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping will not congratulate president elect Joe Biden, of the United states of America until official results are announced and incumbent president,  Donald Trump’s legal procedures come to an end.


Narendra Modi of India, Angela Merkel of Germany,  Emmanuel Macron of France, Prime minister of United Kingdom, Boris Johnson and many other leaders across the globe congratulated Joe Biden after projections from countless media houses across America that, Joe Biden had won the 2020 general elections.


But China Xi Jinping and Russia’s president are yet to. According to USA Today news agency, Peskov, an official of Putin’s administration said ‘They are facing certain legal procedures that were announced by the incumbent president, which makes the situation different so we deem it as correct to wait for the official announcement’


President Trump has accused the whole electoral system of being corrupt and has refused to concede the election after former vice president, Joe Biden took him by surprise in the 2020 polls. He is now challenging the integrity of the elections by legal actions. Trump’s campaign team has filed several lawsuits of some manipulations in the general elections and how it has been rigged. Twitter @Mawunya_

November 8, 2020

Joe Biden made a very touching speech after several media platforms projected him as the new leader of the free world, the United states of America. News portals like CNC, BBC, ABC, Fox News etc. yesterday projected a win for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, now president elect of America.


His speech few hours after was a touching one. According to him, this is not the time for separation but togetherness. He told his opponent, Trump’s supporters to rally with him to help ‘heal America’


Several heads of states congratulated him on his victory. The likes of Justin Trudeau of Canada, Angela Merkel of Germany, Emmanuel Macron of France, Narendra Modi of India and many other head of states across the globe had congratulated him for his epic success.

He thanked Americans and all who trusted him, and worked so hard to make this possible

‘To all those who volunteered, worked the polls in the middle of this pandemic, local election officials, you deserve a special thanks from this nation’ Joe tweeted.


Video of how him,

and his vice Kamala Harris, including members of the first family to be and that of Harris celebrated on stage is below.


According to news reports, his opponent president Donald Trump is not ready to concede defeat as he sends the case to court, accusing the electoral process of voter fraud. But according to judges, there is no substantial evidence to ascertain to that effect that, there has been fraud.


Joe Biden is calling on all Americans to come together to help build a save America. He also revealed that though he’s a Democrat, he’s the president for America and not any blue or red state, only the United states of America. Twitter @Mawunya_

November 6, 2020

Democrat Presidential candidate, now President elect of the United states of America has garnered more votes than incumbent president Donald Trump according to VOX news outlet.


Joe Biden has also set new record of getting the most votes to enter the White House. His win came as big surprise to many because Trump was in the lead from the start of the election, only for joe Biden to topple him and begun to lead.


According to CNN, plans are being made for Joe Biden to deliver a prime time address tonight. Recently, Joe Biden leads President Trump marginally in Georgia and Pennsylvania putting him on the verge of becoming the next president of America. Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi congratulates Joe Biden, as ‘president elect’ of America. All he needs is 270, to make it to the White House. He’s already made 264 while his opponent, Trump struggles with 214.

More soon Twitter @Mawunya_

November 4, 2020

America elections gets tougher as polls show tight race between candidates.  Both Trump and Biden win with very slim margins according to most USA media platforms.


According to CNN and NBC projections, Donald Trump has won Utah, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, Missouri, Mississippi etc. While Joe Biden leads in Illinois, Colorado, California, Minnesota and so on.



Both candidates are only separated with very slim margins, 49% for Trump and 46% for Biden among registered voters in Texas according in a poll conducted by the University of Houston October 17 to 25 but the race is even more tighter than you could imagine as both candidates hold on head to head across US states. But these are early polls and no has to jubilate  over this because US elections is full of surprises.


Joe Biden currently leads in electoral votes, polling 209 against Trump’s 147 according to Spectator Index, which is not too good for Donald Trump because electoral votes plays a critical role in United States elections


We keep our fingers crossed while we wait patiently for official results Twitter @Mawunya_

November 3, 2020

A video of large number of Nigerians has gone viral on social media of their support for Donald Trump. The president has been very smart about the development and quickly tweeted hours after the video went viral.

He tweeted with the Caption ‘a parade for me in Nigeria,  a great honor’


Some Nigerians are not happy with the current development. To many, they’re a disgrace to Nigerians. One Nigerian tweeter influencer has described the situation as a ‘curse’


Donald Trump is currently facing a tight race with former vice president, Joe Biden.


So far  early polls are suggesting Biden is in a comfortable lead but until then, we can’t conclude because same thing happened in 2016, when Trump won massively after the entire election was announced. Twitter @Mawunya_

November 1, 2020

According to Des Moines Register, Republican and incumbent, Donald John Trump currently leads, and has taken over Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden in Iowa.

Trump leads Biden by 7 points 48% to 41%. According to the register, 3% say they’ll vote for someone else, 2% are not that sure of who they should vote for and the rest 5% wont utter a word on whom they will vote for.

Many Americans have predicted a win for Trump if he’s able to win Iowa and other states that appears to be a win win situation for both parties.


Earlier on the president posted a picture on his Twitter feed, demanding justice for one of his fan page that has been pulled down by Facebook. In a tweet, Trump demands the page be restored immediately immediately


The elections is just less than 48 hours away and we can’t wait for the results. Will this be a landslide win for Donald Trump? Or Joe Biden is winning this one

October 29, 2020

Americans have less than a week to go to the polls. President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden will battle it come November third. Reports have it that more than 70million Americans have already casts their ballots in the 2020 general elections, something many describe to never happen in centuries according to Data available from  United states Elections project.



It is obvious Democrats have the advantage in early voting because of how they embrace email voting, something president Trump and majority of Republicans are opposed to. Though some Republicans have already voted via email voting, many are still opposed to it. President Trump had earlier on criticized the system, describing it as a system which has the potentials of promoting corruption and election rigging.


President Trump is opposed to many liberal policies like support for abortions, immigration policies and many more just like many Republicans. He also believe America must be open for people to go about their normal duties and activities. He is poised to make America great again. Will he get that mandate, will he get the support from Americans one more time. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was leading Trump but we all woke up in the morning to different results which surprised everyone. Trump had taken Hillary by surprise. The tables turned all of a sudden. Will it happen again? Because Biden seems to have taken lead in early voting, email balloting.

Who wins this though race? Twitter @Mawunya_

October 28, 2020

Americans have barely one week to go to the polls come November third. 2020 General elections haa brought much tension in America and the world at large as many anticipate outcomes of the elections and as campaigns intensifies, President Trump will not stop attacking his opponent, Joe Biden.


The president has called Joe Biden a ‘low energy’ man, who cannot lead Americans. In a statement, Trump said ‘sleepy Joe’, he use to call him, is a corrupt politician, who will ‘send American jobs to china ones he’s elected as president’


Joe Biden is a corrupt politician, he wants to send your jobs to China’ Trump said.

The president seems to be using the attacking tactics while Joe Biden is explains more of his policies and why Americans should give him the chance. Perfect right!.


According to him, billions of dollars were lost under his watch, when he was vice president to Barrack Obama. He attacks his family, labeling his family as corrup.

“money started flowing into Biden’s family after he became president. You become vice president of the United states,  and your family becomes super wealthy” Twitter @Mawunya_


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