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Jada pinkett Smith has denied claims that she and Alsina August had an Affair according to TMZ.


August Alsina made claims he had an Affair with Jada pinkett Smith blessed by Jada’s husband will Smith.



He made this revelations during an interview with Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee.

“I actually sat down with Will and had a conversation, he gave me his blessing and I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life and I truly and really really deeply loved and had a ton of love for Jada. I devoted myself to it”

He continued “I gave my full self to it so much so that I can die right now, and be ok knowing that I fully gave myself to somebody. Some people never get that in this lifetime” August reveals”




But spokespersons from the actresses camp says all those claims are not true but Jada herself is yet to address the alleged affair currently trending on social media

Source: Complex

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June 30, 2020

United States President, Donald John Trump says he became “more and more angry at China as he sees coronavirus spread all across the world. The president made this known about 10 minutes ago in a tweet.

It’s of no doubt how this deadly virus has cause havoc to our beautiful world and as we speak, things are messy. The world is a ness mess right now all because of coronavirus pandemic. Nothing seems to be working right now. Modt super power nations like Trump’s America, Germany, Italy, France Spain are all on their knees.


“I became more and more angry at China. People can see it, and I can feel it”

Trump about two months ago faced so many criticisms for calling covid-19 ‘Chinese virus’
As of yesterday, the World Health Organisation reported that over 20 million people have been infested with the virus with over 500,000
losing their lives. He’s administration cut ties with the WHO werks ago and has instructed all funds be channelled to other charitable organisations who may be in dying need.
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June 30, 2020

King of Belgium, Phillippe has expressed his deepest regrets for his country’s past colonial abuses ravaged on the peopleof Congo. The reigning monarch made his comments known in an official letter addressed to Congo’s current President Felix Tshisekedi on their 60th independence anniversary.



History told us how millions of Africans died in Central Africa during Belgium’s colonial bloody rule. In wake of George Floyd’s brutal murder which sparked series of protests in the United States and around the world, the people are Belgium were not excluded. They also demonstrated and even got the statues of Belgium’s colonial ruler King Leopold II vandalised. Authorities in Antwerp have totally removed the statue of the king from the public square. More than 10million Africans are said to have died during his reign. The recent King Phillippe is the descendant of the 19th century ruler.



The king wrote “I would like to express my deepest regrets for these injuries from the past, the pain of which is now revived by the discrimination still too present in our societies. I will continue to fight all forms of racism. I encourage the reflection that has been initiated by our parliament so that our memory is definitely pacified” king Phillippe stated in his letter to president Tshisekedi and to the people of Dr. Congo

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June 30, 2020

Scientists have signaled that a new strain of swine flu virus is spreading quickly to humans in China. They noted that, a new H1N1 swine flu is spreading silently among people who work on pig farms in China. They warned this tragic incident must be immediately controlled to avoid another pandemic which could cause havoc globally like the recent covid-19.



The scientists published their findings in United States science journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday June 30, earlyhours,  local time.



They revealed the new strain of flu named “G4 EA H1N1 is a variation of swine flu and includes the G4 genotype that has become predominant in swine populations since 2016. The new strain has been identified as having all the essential hallmarks of a candidate pandemic virus” they said




They also revealed that around 10% of swine flu workers they tested in China had already been exposed to the virus, something they described as grave danger if immediate measures are not taken. Swine workers infected are youngsters between ages 18 to 35.


The new strain descended from the type of flu known as swine flu that emerged in 2009, killing over 250,000 people, causing the first global flu pandemic in 40years

Source: CNBC

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June 30, 2020

As part of the measures put in place for the registration of the new voters Identification card, members of tema east constituency who  are partaking in the registration process break the social distancing rule as they queue for the registration.

By the directives of the president, that the registration should be done at an open place, the officials assigned to conduct the registration refuse as they claim the weather isn’t favorable enough, so conducting the  exercise in an place would be a problem.Therefore conducting the exercise in an enclosed area is the best as they opined.

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June 29, 2020

Iran has issued an arrest warrant for USA president Donald Trump for his role in the killing of General Qasem Soleimani. Qasem Soleiman was killed in January 2020 in Iraqi airport in an airstrike operation.



The United states of America recognized General Qasem a terrorist who killed so many and has supported terrorism all over his life. He was wanted for the planning the death of hundreds of Americans and thousands around the globe.



In January,  president Trump noted that he ordered the drone strike that killed General Qasem who was the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Gaurd Corps, an organization the USA considered a terrorist Organization in recent times.



Today,  Iranian prosecutor, Ali Alqasimehr said Iran has issued an arrest warrant for Donald Trump and has asked interpol to assist to detain the President. The arrest warrant includes 35 others who carried out the drone strike that killed top Iranian General, Qasslem Soleimani in Baghdad. According to aljazeera, “Tehran prosecutor, Ali Alqasimehr President Trump, along with 30 others, will face murder and terrorism charges”


Immediately Qasem waskilledin January, Iran announced a whooping $80million bounty for anyone who gets Trump murdered.

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June 27, 2020

Facebook’s CEO  Mark Zuckerberg is no longer the world’s third richest person as his company loses over $7 billion. Founder of the tech giant company, Facebook became about $7.2billion poorer after companies stopped advertising on Facebook platform. Facebook is arguably the biggest social media platform in the world where companies, groups, NGOs, individuals etc. run and promote their businesses. This is how the company makes money, through ads.



Shares of Facebook fell by %8.3 on Friday, the highest in three months after companies including Unilever  one of the world’s biggest advertisers boycott the social media network. According to Bloomberg,  “Unilever would stop spending money on Facebook’s properties this year”



Facebook has been criticised for failing to sufficiently police hate speech and fake news on its platform. Others companies from Verizon Communications Inc. have all stopped social media ads after growing criticisms. Biggest beverage company, coca cola says it would also pause all advertising payments on social media platforms for 30days.


The development eliminated $58billion from Facebook’s market value and has dropped Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth to $82.3billion according to Bloomberg billionaires index. Dropping Mark to forth position on the world’s billionaires list. He has been overtaken by Louis Vuitton’s boss, Bernard Arnault who now occupies third position, coming after Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.


Mark Zuckerberg said on Friday the company is taking appropriate measures to find a lasting solution to the problem.

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June 26, 2020

At least 107 people are pronounced dead in India’s latest lightning strikes in northern and eastern part of India. Lightning strikes are said to be very common during heavy monsoon rains in India.



India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi says relief packages were underway for families who have lost their loved ones in this unfortunate natural disaster.



Experts and authorities have warned residents to stay indoors and very vigilant in the coming days as meteorologists predict more terrible weather conditions in the coming days.


More than 2,300 people lost their lives to lighting in 2018 in India according to India’s National Crime Records Bureau. The Bureau also noted that at least 2,000 people have died from lightning strikes every year since 2005.




Latest lightning strike also left many injured. The disaster management team in Bihar state said over 20 people were in the hospital receiving treatment.

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June 25, 2020

There was an earthquake in America precisely California about five hours ago according major American news portals. A 6.1 magnitude earthquake shakes California.


Southern Puerto Rico experienced something similar over 24 hours ago.

About few minutes ago, the Daily Mail reported an earthquake in New Zealand. According to the Daily Mail, 6.0 earthquake struck 40km west of popular Milford on the south west of the south island.



Same June 24, some parts of Ghana’s capital, Accra also reported earth tremor. People were left in total shock when the incident occurred for just about 6 seconds.



“I was lying on bed around 10:50pm there about when I felt it. I actually felt it twice and it happened really fast, like 3 to 6 seconds each”  Mawunya, founder of gathered. This was my personal experience and it’s so scary.


In New Zealand, over 3000 people reported to have felt the tremor. People even revealed they felt it in Wellington, a place very far from Milford.


It was similar in Ghana, Accra too as many felt it in Nungua, Tema, Lapaz, Achimota, Asufan, Teshie, Kasoa, Labadi and many other places within Accra.


The situation was not different in California. Meanwhile,  Uber facts had reported that a 15 magnitude earthquake would destroy earth. This was global as you can see names of other countries above.

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