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Kwesi Afful, Author at Passion 4 Excellence

November 23, 2020

Residents of Bouho, Afrancho-Krobo in the Afigya kwabre south district of the Ashanti region have had their movements and economic activities disrupted, following the abandoned construction of their bridge that linked them to nearby communities, making life unbearable for them.

According to the residents, bridge which linked them to Afrancho-krobo, hemang, Bronkong.

Vehicular movements are seriously affected, especially for the school children who commute to other communities for classes as they have to resort to long alternative routes to their destinations, affecting their classes’ hours.

Residents said, they have seen MPs in the area but Hon. Owuraku Aidoo, Adu Poku Christian (DCE) is the worst amongst all.

“Now that both DCE, MP have neglected us, we are appealing to individuals, organizations and philanthropist to assist in reconstructing the destroyed bridge to save us from hardships.

*”MEANWHILE:* Mr, Adomako Solomon the Afigya Kwabre south NDC communication team member, has challenged the MP, DCE to point out a single project done by their government.

“As for Owuraku Aidoo, he has done nothing for us. We only see him during campaign times.

“He’s done virtually nothing as a member of parliament. We don’t even consider ourselves as having an MP”.

He added that, its about time they kick out Hon. Aidoo, npp from the seat of kwabre south and vote NDC.

Speaking further, he recounted how the MP lied several times prior to not receiving his getfund for over 8 years.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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November 23, 2020

Public relations officer for Atwima Nwabiagya North Moslems association Alhaji Mahmoud Ramadan has made a statement that, the association and Ghana as a whole need nothing but peace in the upcoming general elections.

He informed Oyerepa fm’s news reporter Nana Yaw Peprah that, more often we hear about violence and malpractices during elections and it’s always comes from the camps of the youth and we don’t want such attitudes to repeat itself in the upcoming general elections.

He mentioned that, the association has made an arrangement to educate the youth to become peace ambassadors in the areas which means, the youth are no more going engage themselves in any violence after the program on the 28th November 2020 at Barekese.

He explained further that, they are going to engage the youth with opinion leaders and the politicians so that they will all move towards the peace that we are seeking.

He called on each and everyone to be part of the program to know more about importance of peace so that we can all fight the same goal to achieve it.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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November 19, 2020

The Atwima Kwanwoma constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr Simon Alonga,  has lambasted the ruling New Patriotic Party over the destruction of some NDC posters at vantage points in the constituency.

He says the destruction of the posters and billboards of the NDC will not give the NPP an upper hand over the NDC in the December 7 elections.

Some people suspected to be members of NPP were engaged in pulling down of NDC billboards, removal of NDC flags and tearing of our posters in Atwima Kwanwoma Constituency in the Ashanti Region.

He stated that the elections would be won by the party with the best policies on corruption, poverty reduction and employment in the country.

“It would be won by the party those with a superior programme to tear down poverty, unemployment… and impunity”.

Mr Alonga also condemned the New Patriotic Party especially the parliamentary candidate in the constituency Mr Amankwa Manu for sponsoring NPP members to indulge in such act.

He, however, urges his party supporters to exercise restraint over the provocation of the NPP and focus on winning the 2020 General elections.

He has then warned  the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) especially their constituency executives including the parliamentary candidate for reportedly destroying its billboards at night.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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November 17, 2020

A 23 years old George has been murdered at pork selling joint by Yaw Barima in Kenyasi no2 in the Ahafo region.

According to the eye withness,Mr Emmanuel Mensah, the two of them has a issue already but on the Saturday night George went to the pork selling joint to buy meat for his kenkey and he met Yaw Barima at the joint holding a ladle and stelling the soup and George asked him why is he stelling the public soup.

Again, the eye withness explained that, because of their old issue the conversation turned to an argument and it turned to fight.

Finally, the eye withness added that when it turned to fight and because of Yaw Barima was a stronger than George he won the fight and George went home and brought knife and night to Yaw Barima again when some people around try to separate the fight George stabbed Yaw Barima to death.


Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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November 12, 2020

He is said to have died Thursday morning at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) in Accra Graphic Online has gathered.

Mr Rawlings had been on admission at Korle Bu for about a week for an undisclosed ailment.

Graphic Online gathers he felt sick after his mother’s burial about three weeks ago.
Born on June 22, 1947, Graphic Online gathers that he passed on Thursday morning.

As a former Ghanaian military leader and subsequent politician, Mr Rawlings led a military junta from 1981 until 1992, and then served two terms as the democratically elected President of Ghana from January 7, 1993 to January 6, 2001.

Mr Rawlings initially came to power as a flight lieutenant of the Ghana Air Force following a coup d’état in 1979.

Prior to that, he led an unsuccessful coup attempt against the ruling military government on May 15, 1979, just five weeks before scheduled democratic elections were due to take place.

After initially handing power over to a civilian government, he took back control of the country on December 31, 1981 as the Chairman of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC).

In 1992, Mr Rawlings resigned from the military, founded the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and became the first President of the 4th Republic.

He was re-elected in 1996 for four more years.
After two terms in office, the limit according to the Ghanaian Constitution, Rawlings endorsed his vice-president John Atta Mills as presidential candidate in 2000.

November 11, 2020

The Minister of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation (MESTI), Professor Dr. Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, has donated American type of boat worth $56,000 with two plastic cannoes and life jackets to serve the people of Amadaa ,a farming/mining community in the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti region and it surrounding areas.

The boat is a very solid ship grade metal with 150 horse power engine.

According to him, it is in the interest and the good of humans to embrace sustainable practices to survive.

He revealed that, somewhere in 2017, people, including a one-year-old toddler, drowned in River Offin in the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti Region.

Adding that,the victims who were farmers, were using a cannoe to the other side of the river when it capsized because the river was not desilted and was very muddy because of the illegal mining activities which was ongoing in the area.

He announced that ,though seven of the victims were rescued with the rest including the toddler trapped in the river,the was the need to take quick response to the incident.

“I was then directed by the president of the republic ,Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo ,as the minister responsible for environment to find pragmatic measures to fight the menace.’

Prof.Frimpong Boateng however indicated,his ministry together with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Ghana National Association Of Small Scall Miners(GNASSM) taskforce took it upon themselves desilted the Offin river in order for boats and cannoes to have easy access to ply the river without any hindrance.

He deduced that,after the river had been cleared for easy means of transport,the was the need for him to fulfil a promise he made to purchase a high standard of boat for the said community to travel with ease.

Prof.Frimpong Boateng made this known when he officially handed over the items to the community at a colourful ceremony.

He further indicated,two of the solid ship metal grade type of boat will Soon be in to encourage river means of transport in the country.

“The Nana led government is working on the clock to ensure river means of transport in the country and very soon Ghanains will be traveling by river as we have road,rail,sea and air transport in the country.”

Prof.Frimpong Boateng noted, the survival of humans was dependent on the ecosystem and called for a stop to the exploitation of natural resources through activities including, deforestation, mining, plastic pollution, electronic waste and unsustainable agriculture practices.

Speaking at the event,Mr.Mike Gizo, member of the Ghana National Association Of Small Scale Miners made it known that the association will still fight unscrupulous illegal miners on the river bodies.

According to him, because the river bodies were choked with unwanted materials they find it difficult to fight them on the water bodies but now that the river bodies have been desilted ,with life jackets provided and with the help of boats they are going to fight them boot for boot without fear or favour on the various rivers we have in the country.

He however thanked Prof.Frimpong Boateng to the supporting he has been giving to the small scale miners association .

Source: Ayisah Foster, Contractor

November 9, 2020

Love is time, love is no competition, love is patience, love takes no rush, love is trust, love is care, love is truth, love is attention, love brings no tension.  I have always known myself to be so strong. But right after you walked into my life, things started taking a reverse turn. But to my wonder, I am liking the way I am feeling. I find myself smiling more than usual. I am always in a happy mood. Everyone around me as well can see the change in me and are asking me what the reason is. The reason is you, my darling! You are that sweet reason that has brought meaning to my existence and happiness in my life.

There is nothing like unconditional love. There is only one thing called love and that is unconditional already. If not then it is not love. Love knows no boundaries. It is a wonder how people still draw a list of criteria when it comes to picking their dream match. Love cuts through the boundaries of religion, caste, race and color. It is the only religion that everybody seems to follow. Heart skipping a beat, getting goose bumps, suffering from sleepless nights, smiling without reason, singing love songs and constantly thinking about that one person is called the sweet illness of love. Knowledge is deeper than the ocean and wider than the sky. There is always so much to learn.

There is never a moment when I don’t think about you or miss your presence. Your love takes over me all the time. I feel so weak in your love. I still don’t know how this all started and how it happened along. But, with time everything has surely changed. From being your best friend to your boyfriend, the journey has been truly wonderful. I feel blessed to have such a girl friend in my life, and I truly mean a lot. When I was single, I used to dream of a person who shall change my life with love and care.

True love does not stifle you, it’s not a cage hiding you from the world. True love is a platform, it’s the wings that you need to fly, the fuel for your dreams. Real love is not the fluttering feeling you have in the pit of you belly, it’s that gut feeling you have that they will show up when you need them the most. A lot of people think loving someone you should make you jealous and restless but true love is where you find security, they give you no reason to doubt their loyalty. If you have to ask to be loved, if you are not their absolute attention, if they have to answer questions about their true intentions, then you are yet to find true love.

Finding someone who makes you feel happy is not as important as someone who actively creates happiness around you, whose own happiness stimulates yours. True love is not just sacrifice, it’s about always finding the perfect reason to sacrifice anything for another person’s happiness, it’s consistent selflessness. They don’t just make you happy, they are a part of your dreams, your aspirations, they are not spectators in your desire to achieve your dreams. They participate in your happiness. Don’t ever be someone’s alternative, their second option. Love is a game of all or nothing, there’s not halfway commitment when it comes to loving someone for the rest of your life.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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November 4, 2020

Leader and Founder of Salvation Gospel Ministry International, Prophetess Ana Obeng, has said that President Akuffo-Addo will win the presidential race in the upcoming general elections but will have to employ a lot of caution to prevent loosing the high office.

In an interview, she hinted that God has already chosen President Akufo-Addo to lead the nation in the next four years but added that some people around him are scheming negative moves to ruin his reign.

According to the Prophetess, the negative schemes are being plotted by persons who are very close to the President and are often seen in public with him.

Some people around him plotting evil against his next presidency.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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November 3, 2020

Over One thousand (1000) Contractors who undertook various projects under the Government flagship program *$1Million per Constituency* have vowed not to vote in the upcoming December 2020 General Elections because they have not received any payment from Government on the various projects they have Constructed  across the country.

Speaking to journalists in an interview  at *Techiman*;Bono East Regional capital , The  Spokes Person of the Aggrieved Contractors ; *Nana Ampong* opined that a lot of the said Contractors went  for Loans at various financial institutions in which included some credit unions with high interest rate  thinking that their monies would have been paid earlier by government in order to have pay back their loans but to no avail.

After these Financial Institutions heard the contractors have been paid by Government.

To this end ,all the aggrieved Customers want their monies to be paid with immediate effect or else ,they will follow the President ; *Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo* with placards amid demonstrations any where he goes because they are been chased by their bankers for repayment of their loans.

Nana Ampong further stated that they undertaken major projects under various Authorities such as *Northern Development Authority,Middle Belt Development Authority and Coastal Development Authority* which has supervised specific projects like Construction of *10 and 16 seater toilet facilities, Market Stores,Durbar grounds ,Police Post , 3 and 6unit Class room blocks , construction of green grass pitches ,bore holes etc*  all under *$1 Million Per Constituency Projects* without any payment made by government to that effect in which some of the facilities are been used by various institutions  making it difficult to defend themselves that they have not been paid by government hence this warning.

In conclusion ,Nana Ampong said the same contractors have not been paid for projects executed under *Ghana First Program* after building several toilet facilities through out the country.

He appealed to Ghanaians not to politicized the issue but rather support their plea or else such Contractors and their relatives would not vote on December 7,2020 Election since life in unbearable for them.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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November 2, 2020

On 12th October ,2020, Bono NDC Communication Office came to a shock when the Member of Parliament for Jaman South who also doubles as Deputy Minister for Aviation resulted to a Primitive way of getting redress from a media house by threatening the life of Akroma Deefour, the morning show host of Kiss Fm, a local radio station based at Drobo for exposing his incompetence and his inability to bring about development to the good people of Jaman South Constituency.

The Law maker who felt exposed and embarrassed after the journalist compared his twelve (12) years achievements in Parliament on roads to that of *Tano* *South MP, Hon* *Benjamin Sekyere’s* 4 years achievement, got angry and threatened the journalist, Akroma Deefour.

Reacting to the statement made by the journalist on his own radio station, Jaman Radio based at Drobo, the MP threatened to mercilessly deal with the journalist. He was heard on air making the following statement.. *“What nonsense is that…you Akroma, who are you to compare Tano South MP, Hon Benjamin Sekyere to me?”* he shouted. He was then heard threatening to storm the radio station to deal with the host .

The management of Kiss FM has officially reported the matter to Jaman South Police Command, but the journalist, Akroma Deefour who feels unsafe and frightened has called on the Police Service Department to deal with the issue to avoid any unforseen circumstance.

Bono NDC Communication Office will like to associate itself with this urgent call on the law enforcement Agency to investigate this unfortunate incident of death threat made by a member of parliament for Jaman South Hon Yaw Afful against Akroma Deefour.

We also condermn the content of a letter issued on 20th October, 2020 by Bono Regional Communications Director of NPP -Hon.Asare Bediako which sought to ban Kiss Fm from discussing any program or activity of New Partriotic Party in Jaman South Municipality in particular and Bono Region in general. We see this directive as a move against media freedom which the 1992 constitution of Ghana has granted them.

Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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