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April 9, 2020

Chinese billionaire Ren Zhiqiang, who is a very influential member of China’s ruling communist party is seriously being investigated according to Daily Mail news paper. Mr. Ren Zhiqiang who went missing after calling President Xi a clown in handling coronavirus pandemic is being investigated for “serious violations of discipline”

According to Daily Mail,  the business tycoon is being investigated on suspicion of “severe violations of discipline and law” a joint government party watchdog has disclosed.

Me. Ren Zhiqiang disappeared in March after publishing his online article, criticising President Xi Jinping and calling him a clown. Beijing watchdog noted that Ren is undergoing a review and monitoring investigation.


Ren had not been seen since March after he criticised the president’s speech he made in February about his government’s efforts to combat covid-19. His friends and business associates revealed he has not been available since 12 March and this made them very worried.


His close friend and businesswoman, Wang Ying said “many of his friends are looking for him and this made them extremely anxious. Ren Zhiqiangis a public figure and his disappearance is widely known. The institutions responsible for this need to give a reasonable and legal explanation for this as soon as possible” she told Reuters

According to Reuters,  a call made to his mobile phone went through but no one picked up.

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

April 8, 2020

Co-founder and CEO of Twitter,  Jack Dorsey has donated one billion American dollars for charity. The chief executive officer noted that he would be dedicating more than a quarter of his wealth to a new fund for charitable causes. Jack said part of the fund will immediately focus on coronavirus pandemic the world is battling with. The world currently have over 1.3 million cases worldwide with death toll close to 80,000

Dorsey announced it on his Twitter feed on Tuesday. According to him, the amount of around 28% of his wealth will be used for this cours. He noted that the first part of this find, which is $100,000 will be channelled to America’s Food Fund, to provide meals for those infected with coronavirus.


He however did not reveal how much of the $1 billion will be directed towards covid-19 as opposed to other charitable after the crisis ends.

“After we disarm this pandemic,  the focus will be shift to girls health and education and UBI. I believe they represent the best long term solutions to the existential problems facing the world” Jack said


His announcement came after other giant tech companies like Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos and Microsoft’s Co founder,  Bill Gates announced similar donations.


Both have pledged $100 million for coronavirus relief. Google, another tech giant is also donating $800 million amids coronavirus to help those affected worldwide.

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

April 8, 2020

Social media and advertising company,  Facebook has launched a new social media app for couples. The app called “Tuned” was launched on Thursday, the 7th of April 2020.

The app is said to allow couples to share photos, chat  and to share music as well. It would also allow couples to share their memories on their timelines.

Media outlet, The Information, which first reported the news noted that the product was made by a small team inside Facebook called New Product Experimentation, NPE team which has been tasked by the company to build new social media  products.

According to NPE, the new app is a “private space where you and your significant other can just be yourselves”


Tuned has already been ranked number 872 in the United states and number 550 in Canada in the social networking category. Sensor Tower revealed


The app is only available on apple’s app store in the United states and Canada in the mean time.

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

April 3, 2020

Business magnate Jeff Bezos is donating $100 billion United States food banks. This is in quest to help them feed a growing number of “out of work” Americans who are said to have been losing their jobs during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Just last week,  over 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment. Reports say the number does not include people who were already on unemployment before the covid-19 pandemic. This development is very alarming at this level of pandemic.


Jeff Bezos who is Amazon’s CEO donated to Feeding America, a  Chicago based nonprofit organisation with more than 200 food banks across the United states of America.

The billionaire posted a picture of one food banks on his Instagram feed with the the caption “even in ordinary times, food insecurity in American households is an important problem, and unfortunately covid-19 is amplifying that stress ” he said


He also explained that, most restaurants are closed and churches who are supposed to provide free meals have also closed due to social distancing amids this terrible times.


This is not the first time Jeff Bezos has donated to a covid-19 relief effort. Jeff was one of the dozens of donors to contribute to the “All in Seattle coalition” that funds the charitable causes security, housing and food. This was done on the 23rd of March.


The CEO of Feeding America, Claire  Babineaux Fintenot revealed that this donation is the largest single donation in the NGO’s history. “This donation, the largest single gift in our history, will enable us to provide more food to millions of our neighbors facing hardship during this crisis” she said.

Kelvin M.  Ashong    Twitter    @Mawunya_

March 31, 2020

There have been complaints from houseparty app users who use the social media app to connect to their friends and families. Some users have complained that houseparty tried to hack their personal data eg. bank account details, passwords of other social media platforms, emails etc.

About 30 minutes ago,  a statement came from the official Twitter account for houseparty, denying claims of any history of hacking and puts a $1,000,000 bounty on any first individual to approach the social media company with proof and facts of any one or company trying to compromise their systems.

The statement read “we have spent last five weeks feeling humble and grateful that we can be such a large part of bringing people together during such a hard time”

One lady on Twitter pours out her frustrations about how she nearly got hacked. She wrote on Twitter “houseparty tried to make me put up my bank details in claiming a delivery had been stopped and I needed to pay extra packaging,  please be careful on the app is trying to hack people” she tweeted.


The app has helped many people to be able to connect to have fun when most countries are currently under lockdown amid covid-19 crisis. The app suddenly gained popularity among many households.

Kelvin M.  Ashong    Twitter  @Mawunya_


March 31, 2020

President Donald Trump of the United States called on Mike Lindell  who is the Chief Executive Officer of My pillow company to produce face masks for medical workers who are tirelessly working very hard in this coronavirus pandemic times.


Accepting the call, Mr. Mike Lindell said he is so proud to manufacture products in the United States. “I’m  proud to manufacture our products in the United States and I’m even more proud  to be able to serve our nation in this great time of need” he said today, when President Trump met with health officials.

Four days ago, Mr. Mike Lindell wrote on his Twitter feed accepting the president’s call

“My pillow USA is proud to answer the president’s call to action as we are producing much needed face masks to help protect our brave medical workers on the frontlines of this invisible war. It is time for manufacturers across USA to help President Donald Trump” he said

America reported more than 2000 people losing their lives through deadly coronavirus with over 130,000 infections. According to President Trump, over 1million Americans have been tested so far.


Speaking in a press briefing organised for American health workers,  the CEO noted that, the people of America have turned away from God and it’s high time they seek his presence.

“God had been taken out of our schools and lives. A nation had turned it’s back on God. I encourage you to use thi time at home to get back to the word, read our bibles” he said

When you go down on tour knees,  kindly pray for the world.

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

March 30, 2020

An employee of electric car maker company, Tesla has tested positive for coronavirus according to reports. He works at the Gigafactory. An email sent from the company to Panasonic workers confirmed it.


An email sent by the employee of Tesla to Panasonic  employees dated the 29th of March states a Tesla employee working at the Gigafactory, east of sparks tested positive for the virus.

It was however revealed that the specific production area where this individual worked has no connection with the Panasonic production processes.

According to the email,  Tesla revealed it had safety protocol procedures in such cases. “This has been activated and includes 14day quarantine for particular employees identified by the EHS team and certain cleaning measures”

The email also revealed the employee was onsite at the Gigafactory for an hour before going back home sick and has been sent home.

Austin Osborne, who is the storey county manager noted that Tesla will reduce on its site staff by 75% to help curb the spread of covid-19.

Kelvin M. Ashong     Twitter   @Mawunya_

March 28, 2020

There is a shortfall of condoms worldwide amids covid-19 after a top producer is shutdown. The spread of covid-19 has made companies to suspend all activities to curb the situation hence affecting everyone globally.

Malaysia’s company, Karax BHD makes one in every five condoms worldwide. It has not produce a single condom from its three, Malaysian factory for more than a week due to the lockdown imposed by government on all activities. There is already a shortfall of about 100million condoms normally marketed globally by brands such us Durex  which is supplied to state healthcare systems such as Britain’s NHS of distributed by aid programs such as the United Nations population fund.

“It will take time to jumpstart factories and we will struggle to keep up with the demand at half capacity” the company’s CEO said

He continued to reveal that there’s going to be global shortage which is very scary.

“Wecare going to see global shortage of condoms everywhere, which is going to be scary. My concern is that for a lot of humanitarian programs deep down in Africa, the shortage will not just be two weeks or a month. That shortage can run into months” he said

Malaysia is southeast Asia’s worst affected country with 2,161 cases of coronavirus with 26 people losing their lives. There is currently lockdown which is supposed to end on the 24th of April


Malaysia announced a $57 billion stimulus package to revamp Malaysia’s industry and to support those affected by the pandemic.



Kelvin M.  Ashong    Twitter   @Mawunya_

March 27, 2020

Malaysia has announced a $57 billion stimulus package to boost its economy amids coronavirus pandemic. This fund will include spending on public welfare and health care as well as support for Malaysian businesses.


Prime Minister of Malaysia Muhyiddin Yassin assured his country no one would be left behind. The announcement was made on Friday morning when the prime minister announced the second stimulus package.  Malaysia had already announced its first package to support its business economy, to help counter this covid-19, bringing it to a to 250 billion ringgit, equivalent to $57.3 billion.

The prime minister also said the amount will be used to  cater for low income households.


Kelvin M.  Ashong    Twitter     @Mawunya_

March 25, 2020

Health minister Kwaku Agyemang Manu together with his entourage received Jac Ma’s test kits and all necessary packages needed to fight deadly virus, covid-19.

Founder of the Alibaba group of companies made countless of donations across the world to help fight coronavirus. Super powerful nations also benefited from his philanthropic nature as the world struggles in this grim times.


Last week, Jac Ma sent millions of test kits to America,  Italy, Germany and other affected nations in Europe.

He announced on his Twitter feed that, he would assist Africa as well and he’s delivering on his promises, making the world better. African countries like Kenya,  South Africa have benefited from it. Today Ghana is a beneficiary as well and Ghanaians are so grateful.


Ghana recorded 52 cases as of yesterday, the 24 of March with 2 fatalities. And this donation from Jac Ma would go along way to help curb the spread of covid-19.


Kelvin M.  Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_



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