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Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for covid-19. Coronavirus has now killed more than 65,000 Brazilians since its inception, over 1.6 million coronavirus cases have been recorded in the country, making it the second most highest hit  country after USA.



Mr. Jair Bolsonaro was alleged to have disregarded social distancing measures and has reportedly downgraded the threat of coronavirus after Brazil recorded her very first case. The president has been accused by citizens both home and abroad for his reckless nature of handling the pandemic. According to them, the president allowed the virus to spread across Brazil which is now overwhelmingly unbearable as health officials are exhausted and how it has killed many Brazilians.




Jair Bolsonaro fell ill after a 4th July meeting he and his ministers graced. In pictures, American ambassador to Brazil together with Jair Bolsonaro and other ministers in attendance sat shoulder to shoulder without masks on.




The president however thanked all who prayed and rooted for him duringthistryingtimes. “Thank you to all those who prayed for me and rooted for me. I’m fine, thank God. Those who have criticized me, that’s fine they can continue to criticize me” he said

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The European Union has approved a coronavirus drug for use after US bulk purchases world’s entire supply, The Independent news revealed.


Authorities in Brussels have approved Remdesivir for the treatment of severe cases of coronavirus. This is breaking news and we shall keep you informed.

Source: The Independent


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Campaign manager for the New Patriotic Party, Peter Mac Manu and Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Carlos Ahenkorah are currently in Intensive care unit after testing positive for coronavirus according Ghana’s news outlet Citi news.



They have also been admitted at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, the very hospital their colleague Mr. Owusu Afriyie aka Sir John had died minutes ago.


Information reaching states that more government officials have allegedly tested positive for covid-19 and are currently receiving treatment.


Health Minister, Agyemang Manu tested positive for covid-19 weeks ago but he’s currently out from the hospital and in good health after receiving treatment.

We shall keep you informed of any new developments.

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Former General Secretary for New Patriotic Party Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie popularly known as Sir John has passed on.




Sir John reportedly gave up the ghost in Ghana’s capital, Accra after a very short illness. Sir John until his demise was the Chief Executive Officer of Forestry Commission of Ghana. He died after testing positive for coronavirus.



He was reported to been receiving treatment at Korlebu Teaching Hospital. Things became complicated and was rushed to the hospital’s ICU but he couldn’t make it alive. May his soul rest in peace

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June 30, 2020

United States President, Donald John Trump says he became “more and more angry at China as he sees coronavirus spread all across the world. The president made this known about 10 minutes ago in a tweet.

It’s of no doubt how this deadly virus has cause havoc to our beautiful world and as we speak, things are messy. The world is a ness mess right now all because of coronavirus pandemic. Nothing seems to be working right now. Modt super power nations like Trump’s America, Germany, Italy, France Spain are all on their knees.


“I became more and more angry at China. People can see it, and I can feel it”

Trump about two months ago faced so many criticisms for calling covid-19 ‘Chinese virus’
As of yesterday, the World Health Organisation reported that over 20 million people have been infested with the virus with over 500,000
losing their lives. He’s administration cut ties with the WHO werks ago and has instructed all funds be channelled to other charitable organisations who may be in dying need.
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June 30, 2020

Scientists have signaled that a new strain of swine flu virus is spreading quickly to humans in China. They noted that, a new H1N1 swine flu is spreading silently among people who work on pig farms in China. They warned this tragic incident must be immediately controlled to avoid another pandemic which could cause havoc globally like the recent covid-19.



The scientists published their findings in United States science journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday June 30, earlyhours,  local time.



They revealed the new strain of flu named “G4 EA H1N1 is a variation of swine flu and includes the G4 genotype that has become predominant in swine populations since 2016. The new strain has been identified as having all the essential hallmarks of a candidate pandemic virus” they said




They also revealed that around 10% of swine flu workers they tested in China had already been exposed to the virus, something they described as grave danger if immediate measures are not taken. Swine workers infected are youngsters between ages 18 to 35.


The new strain descended from the type of flu known as swine flu that emerged in 2009, killing over 250,000 people, causing the first global flu pandemic in 40years

Source: CNBC

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June 21, 2020

Brazil’s coronavirus case count is on the surge. As of June 21, covid-19 case count in Brazil reaches 1.7million with over 50,000 fatalities.


Here’s an update from around the globe on coronavirus fatalities and case count.


On Saturday June 20, about 964 deaths were reported, taking the country’s death toll to 50,058 with 1.7million coronavirus cases as we speak. Brazil has now become the world’s second largest country to be hit by the deadly virus, topping the United Kingdom. Close to 40,000 new cases were recorded just on Saturday alone.




The sharp rise in covid-19 deaths sparked public outrage. Citizens have criticized far – right leader, Jair Bolsonaro for not properly putting stringent measures in place from the beginning to combat the pandemic.

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June 20, 2020

The World Health Organization in a live telecast yesterday has warned of ‘a new and dangerous phase’ of coronavirus pandemic as cases escalate across the globe. According to WHO’s director,  about 150,000 new covid-19 cases was recorded on Thursday, June 19, the highest rise in a single day.



He noted that the coronavirus is still spreading very fast and still deadly. “The virus is still spreading fast, it is still very deadly, and most people are still sususceptible” he said



The WHO warned the second wave could hit in autumn, and has therefore urged nations to develop a successful test, contact tracing and good quarantine measures. Doctor Hans Kluge who is the European regional director of the World Health organization emphasized two days ago that “contact tracing and quarantining potentially infected with covid-19 was an essential element of the strategy”



Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also stressed yesterday that nations may be at differing phases at the pandemic but the global spread of the virus is accelerating overall as watched above. The WHO also warned that governments must be prepared for new sudden outbreaks. ” we should not be surprised if there are large resurgences WHO expect, Maria Van Kerkhove added.

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June 18, 2020

Bank of England has injected an extra £100 billion, an equivalent amount of $125billion into UK’S economy in a bid to help revive its economy amid coronavirus pandemic.



According to researchers,  UK’s economy is expected to be in her deepest recession, something she never experience in more than 300 years. This amount is expected to boost markets taking its stimulus plan to nearly a trillion dollars.



The bank has also maintained interest rate at 0.1%, something analysts forecast rates will remain unchanged and the bank’s Monetary Policy Committee would expand its bond buying programme, or quantitative easing by £100-£150.




The bank of England had earlier warned that the economy would contract by 30% in the first half of the year, the worst performance since 1700s. The additional £100 billion announced on Thursday, June 18 now takes the bank’s total quantitative easing, effectively printing new money to £745 billion.

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June 18, 2020

On Tuesday June 16, New Zealand reported its first new cases of coronavirus for 24 days after two sisters of New Zealand who returned into the country from the United Kingdom were found to be infected with the deadly virus. Since then, more cases have emerged.




According to a Christchurch funeral director,  nearly ten people have been let out of quarantine early to attend a funeral it had arranged on Tuesday.


Some people have also absconded from isolation centres according to the police. About six people breached isolation protocols after being granted compassionate leave from coronavirus quarantine to attend a funeral in Hamilton as stated earlier.

Prime minister of New Zealand,  Jacinda Ardern is not happy with latest developments. She described the situation as ‘unacceptable failure of the system”

“New coronavirus cases are unacceptable failure of the system” she said in a press briefing.


Weeks ago,  the Prime minister made a statement, telling the world New Zealand was coronavirus free and has edged New Zealanders to return to their normal duties and also encouraged businesses to reopen across the country. She could not hide her excitement as to danced her joy out.



Now that the situation has turned around,  where new cases are being recorded and people are violating quarantine measures, we hope the government of New Zealand manages this very well just like before.

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