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10 best African countries to do business (2021)

African continent has the highest youth population in the world. The continent is gradually becoming a very vibrant one. Wherever there’s a lot of problem lies opportunities that can’t be overlooked. Africa is a continent full of many problems and therefore, countless opportunities as well. We will share with you the best countries across the […]

Facebook data breach: Over 500million users affected includes 1million Ghanaians

The data of over one million Ghanaian Facebook users have been affected after a recent report indicating facebook data breach. The report revealed that personal data of about 553million users of the biggest social media platform in the world have been leaked. Personal information includes phone numbers, emails and other necessary informations needed to become […]

World’s 10 best countries to start business (2021)

The whole world woke up early 2020 to witness a pandemic that crippled great nations almost brought super powerful nations to zero. People call it the ‘evil virus’. It was coronavirus, covid-19 according to WHO. Well it is still here with us even in 2021 though vaccines have been released. The world is gradually healing […]

Catholic church bars LGBTQ+ after Vatican says ‘God can’t bless sin’

The Catholic church has finally declared its stance on the LGBTQI+ community on Monday March 15 after Vatican says it will not bless same sex marriage. Part of a statement approved by leader of the Church, Pope Francis, states that ‘God can’t bless sin’ they therefore referred to same sex marriage as a choice but […]

Netherlands Norway Iceland Ireland Germany Italy France Spain all halt coronavirus AstraZeneca vaccine shots

Germany Spain France Italy and other European nations temporarily suspends the use of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine over blood clot concerns. The move came after several reports from countries of possible side effects. Early on, Norway and Denmark halted giving shots over isolated cases of bleeding blood clots. The Netherlands Iceland and Bulgaria all followed suit. […]

We at times chase wrong people without knowing God pushes them away for our own good

Sometimes God may just be working for our own good. People walk out from our lives for no reasons, and we begin to think why it’s so. Well God may just be doing that to protect you from those who you from toxic lovers or friendships. Someone who really love you will not say bad […]

Former President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica dubbed the poorest President in the world. Read his response here

Former President of Uruguay, Jose Munica has been considered as the poorest President in the world according to international media. The former president lived a very simple life during his tenure in office and still lives a very simple life after. The most valuable asset of Jose Mujica is a 1987 VW Beatle. He currently […]

Every 17 seconds a woman is raped in South Africa according to interpol, making it the rape capital of the world

There were over 4723 cases of rape and sexual assault in 2029 alone in SouthAfrica. Victims of this barbaric crime have been sharing their experiences over the years and I must confess it’s very painful to even watch or hear. According to interpol study, a woman is raped every 17 seconds in South Africa, making […]

2020 in introspection, the good and bad, welcoming 2021 – Mawunya

In as much as 2020 has been a hell of a year, a year many wouldn’t like to ever experience again, it is/was also a year for solemn reflection on one’s personal life. A year for re-examination into one’s journey. Many people came up with resolutions as a guide into 2020 exactly a year ago. […]

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