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April 8, 2020

Co-founder and CEO of Twitter,  Jack Dorsey has donated one billion American dollars for charity. The chief executive officer noted that he would be dedicating more than a quarter of his wealth to a new fund for charitable causes. Jack said part of the fund will immediately focus on coronavirus pandemic the world is battling with. The world currently have over 1.3 million cases worldwide with death toll close to 80,000

Dorsey announced it on his Twitter feed on Tuesday. According to him, the amount of around 28% of his wealth will be used for this cours. He noted that the first part of this find, which is $100,000 will be channelled to America’s Food Fund, to provide meals for those infected with coronavirus.


He however did not reveal how much of the $1 billion will be directed towards covid-19 as opposed to other charitable after the crisis ends.

“After we disarm this pandemic,  the focus will be shift to girls health and education and UBI. I believe they represent the best long term solutions to the existential problems facing the world” Jack said


His announcement came after other giant tech companies like Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos and Microsoft’s Co founder,  Bill Gates announced similar donations.


Both have pledged $100 million for coronavirus relief. Google, another tech giant is also donating $800 million amids coronavirus to help those affected worldwide.

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

April 8, 2020

Former Barcelona football star, Ronaldinho has been released from prison. The football legend was arrested somewhere early March for illegally entering Paraguay.

He has been released today to the tune of 1.6 American US Dollars. He has been in jail for 32days


Ronaldinho and his senior brother, who is his business manager entered Paraguay with illegal passport which led to the arrest of both.

Ronaldinho is well noted for football  how skillful the Brazilian was in his active football days and even now. Even in prison, he scored about 5 goals when a match was organised.  He’s also noted for his smiles even in difficult times. Even in prison,  he smiles.

We thank God for his life and we hope things unfold much better.  We shall keep you informed


Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

April 8, 2020

Social media and advertising company,  Facebook has launched a new social media app for couples. The app called “Tuned” was launched on Thursday, the 7th of April 2020.

The app is said to allow couples to share photos, chat  and to share music as well. It would also allow couples to share their memories on their timelines.

Media outlet, The Information, which first reported the news noted that the product was made by a small team inside Facebook called New Product Experimentation, NPE team which has been tasked by the company to build new social media  products.

According to NPE, the new app is a “private space where you and your significant other can just be yourselves”


Tuned has already been ranked number 872 in the United states and number 550 in Canada in the social networking category. Sensor Tower revealed


The app is only available on apple’s app store in the United states and Canada in the mean time.

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

April 7, 2020

Israel Health Minister, Yaakov Litzman who claims coronavirus was devine punishment from God has tested positive for the virus.

Mr. Yaakov Litzman revealed last month that coronavirus was devine punishment from almighty God for immoral practices most especially homosexuality.


According to the Times of Israel,  Yaakov who is 71years was accused of violating his own ministry’s guidelines. Reports say the minister violated guidelines to continues to attend prayer sessions like nothing is happening.

Just yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu announced total lockdown which will be effective today, Tuesday to Friday. This should tell how serious we must all leave aside our beliefs and rally behind the guidelines and recommendations of health experts around the world.


Now that he has tested positive for coronavirus, who should we blame. Who is the cause? Yaakov Litzman right?

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

April 7, 2020

Football club Manchester United Foundation and club staff delivered 30,000 items of drinks and food to Salford Royal Hospital, Stretford Food Bank and some charitable homes amids covid-19 crisis.

The workforce packaged 30,000 items to a number of places in Greater Manchester including the above mentioned Food Bank. Hospital and other Charitable Homes.

This initiative is said to follow a £50,000 to the Trussell Trust to support 19 food banks across Greater Manchester as part of a joint fan led initiative with Manchester city along with 350 hot meals that were cooked and distributed.

Lots of individuals, clubs, companies etc. made donations to hospitals during this coronavirus crisis. And they continue to make their little contributions. You should do yours too. No amount, gift is small in these trying times.

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter  @Mawunya_

April 6, 2020

Prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has today announce nationwide lockdown until Friday the 10th of April. The prime minister announced very tough public restrictions on movement on Monday which will take effect from Tuesday, 7th of April.


This tough restrictions include travel ban between cities across Israel. The Prime minister noted that a complete lockdown will be imposed on passover Eve from Wednesday evening until Thursday morning, instructing citizens to remain locked down in  their various homes.

Mr. Netanyahu said the coronavirus spreads very quickly and therefore advised citizens to stay indoors.  “On Purim the virus spread. I’m telling you now clearly, Pesach will not be purim. Every family will do pesach heir immediate family” he stressed

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter    @Mawunya_

April 6, 2020

The mother of Manchester city manager Pep Guardiola has gave up the ghost after contracting covid-19. According to Manchester city,  the manager’s mother, Dolors Sala Carrio died at Manresa Barcelona at age 82 in Spain.

Last three weeks,  Pep Guardiola made donation of €1million to Spain amid coronavirus pandemic. As we speak more than 13,000 people have lost their lives in Spain alone. Global death toll hit 70,000 today, 6 of March. The world is currently battling with over 1.2million cases of coronavirus.

A statement from Manchester city to Peps family said “everyone associated with the club sends their most heartfelt sympathy at this most distressing time to Pep, his family and all their friends”


May her beautiful soul RIP



April 5, 2020

John Alagos, a young handsome 23year old nurse has died in the United Kingdom. Reports say John was exposed to coronavirus patients on duty after a 12hour shift without the right protective kit.

According to Daily Mail,  John Alagos fell ill looking after coronavirus patient at Watford General Hospital but stayed on the help because his ward was short staffed.

John’s mom who’s 50years old told Daily Mail she asked her son why he didn’t come home . “I asked, why didn’t you come home. He said he had asked other staff but they said they were short of staff and they did not let him go. But just minutes later i found him unconscious and “turning blue” in his bed” Ms Gustilo said in grief.


Few days ago, a nurse died because of shortage of protective equipment for frontline health workers. John Alagos’s demise has made so many across UK asking how many will lose their lives in the line of duty before all frontliners are given protective equipments


May John Alagos’s soul and all who have died in this trying times rest in perfect peace.

Kelvin M. Ashong     Twitter @Mawunya_

April 5, 2020

President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump has raised the alarm on the rapid spread of deadly covid-19 and how it has taken lots of lives within a very short period.

When coronavirus hit America with only 15 cases about six weeks ago, the president told Americans his administration will do everything possible to control the virus, and that it would soon be zero in America.


Today, that statement appears to be opposite. The number of cases reported across America kept rising and rising. As we speak, America has the highest number of coronavirus cases with over 311,000 with death toll at 8,400. Two days ago, America sets new record by reporting the highest coronavirus deaths of more than 1,400 within 24hours.

In a press briefing yesterday,  the president said America is likely to witness more tough times ahead. According to him, there will be more deaths in the coming weeks. “There will be a lot of deaths” he said


He however noted that his government is working very hard to supply all American states with everything needed to fight coronavirus.

“government is working hard with New York Governor Andrew Cuamo to provide the state with more supplies, but we must all support it so its distributed fairly across the country” he noted



Kelvin M.  Ashong   Twitter @Mawunya_



April 4, 2020

As of today 4th is April 2020, death toll of covid-19 patients scale up to 8,347 with 306,750 cases and 14,450 recoveries in the United States of America.

Morgue staff, Lisa Kilfeather said her team is very exhausted. She noted that families of the deceased can no longer attend the morgue to even say goodbye.

According to her, the rate at which people are losing their lives amids this covid-19 pandemic is very alarming to the extent that staff are having to Facetime the bereaved with their bodies.

Lisa Kilfeather

On normal working days, Lisa Kilfeather does administrative duties at the morgue at Long Island, Jewish Medical Centre. But that has changed because there are so many bodies coming, and she’s been drafted to assist. Her small team works seven days a week, processing and examining victims of covid-19.

Lisa revealed that she hasn’t seen her daughter for almost three weeks. Added that, she’s scared she might infect her little daughter anytime she come close to her because she’s been working very closely with the bodies of people who have died from coronavirus.


“I first let her see me so I could explain what she’s going to see. We cant keep the  bodies the way we normally do as far as sheets. It was in a body bag  and you are seeing the face. So that was difficult,  I’m not going to lie, I cried. It was tough”

“But if we could do at least one thing to make this hard time for them a little easier, that’s what we’re going to do. No matter how crazy our day is, and how much work we have to get it done” she said with sadness.

“We’re physically exhausted,  we’re mentally exhausted. Lisa said.


Kelvin  M. Ashong    Twitter   @Mawunya_



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