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April 9, 2020

Chinese billionaire Ren Zhiqiang, who is a very influential member of China’s ruling communist party is seriously being investigated according to Daily Mail news paper. Mr. Ren Zhiqiang who went missing after calling President Xi a clown in handling coronavirus pandemic is being investigated for “serious violations of discipline”

According to Daily Mail,  the business tycoon is being investigated on suspicion of “severe violations of discipline and law” a joint government party watchdog has disclosed.

Me. Ren Zhiqiang disappeared in March after publishing his online article, criticising President Xi Jinping and calling him a clown. Beijing watchdog noted that Ren is undergoing a review and monitoring investigation.


Ren had not been seen since March after he criticised the president’s speech he made in February about his government’s efforts to combat covid-19. His friends and business associates revealed he has not been available since 12 March and this made them very worried.


His close friend and businesswoman, Wang Ying said “many of his friends are looking for him and this made them extremely anxious. Ren Zhiqiangis a public figure and his disappearance is widely known. The institutions responsible for this need to give a reasonable and legal explanation for this as soon as possible” she told Reuters

According to Reuters,  a call made to his mobile phone went through but no one picked up.

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

April 8, 2020

President Trump has revealed that the United States of America will hold on funding fo the World Health Organization. The president said this in a press briefing  on Tuesday.  He threatened to cut United States  funding to the World Health Organization.

In his recent speech, the president accused the World Health Organization of acting bias towards China in the midst of coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re going to put a very powerful hold on funding to WHO. We’re going to put a hold on money spent to the WHO” Donald Trump noted.


America is currently battling with coronavirus. As we speak,  close to 340,000 people have been infected with the virus. Over 12000 people have lost their lives to this deadly virus.

America have 392,285 cases of coronavirus with death toll at 12,758 and 21,768 recoveries. Deaths today alone in the United States is said to be the highest to be recorded anywhere in the world since COVID-19 began.


The president however gave no details about how much money or funds will be withheld. Few minutes later during the press briefing, he noted that he’s not saying he’s going to do it. But will look at ending funding. He added


Trump’s comments was build on his posts on Twitter earlier, accusing the WHO of being “very china centric”

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter   @Mawunya_

April 6, 2020

Prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has today announce nationwide lockdown until Friday the 10th of April. The prime minister announced very tough public restrictions on movement on Monday which will take effect from Tuesday, 7th of April.


This tough restrictions include travel ban between cities across Israel. The Prime minister noted that a complete lockdown will be imposed on passover Eve from Wednesday evening until Thursday morning, instructing citizens to remain locked down in  their various homes.

Mr. Netanyahu said the coronavirus spreads very quickly and therefore advised citizens to stay indoors.  “On Purim the virus spread. I’m telling you now clearly, Pesach will not be purim. Every family will do pesach heir immediate family” he stressed

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter    @Mawunya_

April 6, 2020

United Nations General Secretary, Antonio Guterres has raised concerns of domestic violence and other related abuse women are currently going through amidst coronavirus lockdown. More than 100 countries across the world imposed restrictions on their citizens in quest to curb the rapid spread of the virus.

The UN secretary General noted that, the home which is supposed to be a save haven for women may just be a place of abuse and molesting. According to him, coronavirus lockdown has sparked a “horrifying global Surge domestic violence”

“Peace is not just the absence of war. Many women under lockdown for covid19 face violence where they should be safest in their own homes. Today, I appeal  for peace in homes around the world. I urge all governments to put women safety first as they respond to the pandemic” he noted.

The UN chief who appealed on 23 March for an immediate ceasefire in conflicts around the world to be able to combat the pandemic. He added that it is time to end all violence “everywhere now”


He said the combination of economic and social stresses brought on by the pandemic as well as restrictions on movement globally have dramatically increased the number of women and girls facing abuse around the world.


April 6, 2020

Former vice president of the United States Joe Biden who is currently in a comfortable lead in the democratic presidential nomination said on Sunday he will wear mask in public as recommended by experts.

According to him, he will wear mask advised by the centre for disease control of the United States, CDC.


“I think it is important to follow the science, listen to experts and do what they tell you” Mr. Joe Biden said. He added that he doesn’t go to commercial places lately to put one on but he surely will anytime he engages with the public.

The CDC had advised that healthy people so not need to wear mask because it would not protect them from contracting the virus. But a new research proved it can help asymptomatic people from knowingly spreading the virus.


“He may not like how he looks in a mask but the truth of the matter is follow the science” Biden said referring to President Trump


Kelvin M. Ashong

April 6, 2020

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate of New Edubiase Constituency in the Ashanti Region ,Mr.Abdul Salam Adams is calling on the government to Center both Rural areas and Urban areas to educate them more to curb Corona Virus pandemic.

According to him,it seems most of the education programs are centred in the Urban areas as compared to the rural areas. In fact I can say that the rural areas need more education on this Corona Virus because in my candid view,  most of the people in the rural areas do not believe the existence of the virus or perhaps they don’t take it to be anything serious. And I would also like to say that the majority of these people a bit ignorant on issues and so we have to intensify the education in those areas so as to refute the ignorant perceptions they are having and then make sure that they come to terms with the realities on the ground. Again, one thing I have observed is that, most of the donations made towards the fighting of the coronavirus is been centred in the Urban areas.

He’s therefore calling on  the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service to provide the Protective Personal Equipments(PPE) to the hospitals,Clinics and Chip Compound in the rural areas and provide them with the necessary logistics that will aid healthcare delivery in those areas, in about a week ago today, number of people in a Urban areas run to Rural Areas after NPP government led by HE Nana Addo announces to lockdown some parts in Greater Accra Region and Ashanti Region,who knows if some of them has the Virus?

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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April 5, 2020

Prime Minister of United Kingdom Boris Johnson has been hospitalized after exhibiting continues symptoms of coronavirus he contracted about ten days ago.

Mr. Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus last week. On his Twitter feed, the prime minister revealed he tested positive and has self-isolated. He however noted that, he was in good health and will be working from his confined abode. But this seems to be shattered as he was rushed to the hospital today for treatment.

According to a Dawning street spokesperson, this move is a precautionary step as the prime minister continues to have persistent symptoms. “This is a precautionary step as the prime minister continues to have persistent symptoms of coronavirus ten days after testing positive for the virus” the spokesperson said in a statement.

We wish him speedy recovery.

Kelvin M. Ashong    @Mawunya_

April 5, 2020

President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump has raised the alarm on the rapid spread of deadly covid-19 and how it has taken lots of lives within a very short period.

When coronavirus hit America with only 15 cases about six weeks ago, the president told Americans his administration will do everything possible to control the virus, and that it would soon be zero in America.


Today, that statement appears to be opposite. The number of cases reported across America kept rising and rising. As we speak, America has the highest number of coronavirus cases with over 311,000 with death toll at 8,400. Two days ago, America sets new record by reporting the highest coronavirus deaths of more than 1,400 within 24hours.

In a press briefing yesterday,  the president said America is likely to witness more tough times ahead. According to him, there will be more deaths in the coming weeks. “There will be a lot of deaths” he said


He however noted that his government is working very hard to supply all American states with everything needed to fight coronavirus.

“government is working hard with New York Governor Andrew Cuamo to provide the state with more supplies, but we must all support it so its distributed fairly across the country” he noted



Kelvin M.  Ashong   Twitter @Mawunya_



April 5, 2020

Chad’s President Idris Deby as the commander in Chief of the armed forces just displayed one of his powers. On the 2nd of April 2020, the president took the initiative to lead his army in a very delicate operation.

President Idris Deby of Chad.

The operation was targeted at Boko haram, to totally eliminate 76 boko Haram terrorists in “Operation Boma Anger”


The operation was in retaliation for an attack by boko haram which took the lives of 92 Chadian soldiers. Mr. Idris Deby noted that he will not accept defeat until justice is served. “I will not accept defeat” he said

Well the president’s dream and determination to resist the oppressor and combat terrorism has been fulfilled today as Chadian troops burst into one warehouse of boko haram, confiscating all their troops by the president’s command.


Below are some pictures of the successful operation carried out, led by the brave president H.E Idris Deby.


Many across the continent have applauded him for this brave gesture, to lead the forefront to counter terrorism.



Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

April 3, 2020

Member of parliament for Assin Fosu north,  Hon. Kennedy Agyapong narrowly escapes murder as assassins ravaged his Tema residence to assassinate him. Reports indicated that, unidentified assailants ravaged his home in an attempt to murder the maverick lawmaker.

According to reports, the armed men met Kennedy’s nephew on arrival while hon. Kennedy Agyapong was away. His nephew explaining the unfortunate incident to a Ghanaian media outlet, NET2 revealed that “he head an unusual footsteps but assumed it was one of the house workers. He said he got down stairs to meet the armed men”


At that point, he had no option but to lead the men into Kennedy’s room on their command after he was threatened with a knife. He noted that, he was able to lock up one of the guys in one of the rooms upstairs and shouted for rescue. Few minutes later, the one locked up escaped through the window and left it broken.

The lawmaker was very lucky to be absent. It appears contract killing is on the rise in Ghana.  We have seen prominent men and women lost their lives right from their homes and nothing is done. The police never closed docket on these cases.


If people can’t be save in their own homes, then there is something really wrong. Our nation might just be heading to a wrong path and the security should guard against that.


Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is the man of the people and he’s noted for his benevolent and maverick nature. He calls a spade a spade. He’s also noted for his involvement in investigations and exposing fraudulent acts in the system.


Amid this coronavirus pandemic,  the lawmaker made several donations to support the vulnerable.

Kelvin M.  Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_



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