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November 3, 2020

A video of large number of Nigerians has gone viral on social media of their support for Donald Trump. The president has been very smart about the development and quickly tweeted hours after the video went viral.

He tweeted with the Caption ‘a parade for me in Nigeria,  a great honor’


Some Nigerians are not happy with the current development. To many, they’re a disgrace to Nigerians. One Nigerian tweeter influencer has described the situation as a ‘curse’


Donald Trump is currently facing a tight race with former vice president, Joe Biden.


So far  early polls are suggesting Biden is in a comfortable lead but until then, we can’t conclude because same thing happened in 2016, when Trump won massively after the entire election was announced. Twitter @Mawunya_

November 3, 2020

Over One thousand (1000) Contractors who undertook various projects under the Government flagship program *$1Million per Constituency* have vowed not to vote in the upcoming December 2020 General Elections because they have not received any payment from Government on the various projects they have Constructed  across the country.

Speaking to journalists in an interview  at *Techiman*;Bono East Regional capital , The  Spokes Person of the Aggrieved Contractors ; *Nana Ampong* opined that a lot of the said Contractors went  for Loans at various financial institutions in which included some credit unions with high interest rate  thinking that their monies would have been paid earlier by government in order to have pay back their loans but to no avail.

After these Financial Institutions heard the contractors have been paid by Government.

To this end ,all the aggrieved Customers want their monies to be paid with immediate effect or else ,they will follow the President ; *Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo* with placards amid demonstrations any where he goes because they are been chased by their bankers for repayment of their loans.

Nana Ampong further stated that they undertaken major projects under various Authorities such as *Northern Development Authority,Middle Belt Development Authority and Coastal Development Authority* which has supervised specific projects like Construction of *10 and 16 seater toilet facilities, Market Stores,Durbar grounds ,Police Post , 3 and 6unit Class room blocks , construction of green grass pitches ,bore holes etc*  all under *$1 Million Per Constituency Projects* without any payment made by government to that effect in which some of the facilities are been used by various institutions  making it difficult to defend themselves that they have not been paid by government hence this warning.

In conclusion ,Nana Ampong said the same contractors have not been paid for projects executed under *Ghana First Program* after building several toilet facilities through out the country.

He appealed to Ghanaians not to politicized the issue but rather support their plea or else such Contractors and their relatives would not vote on December 7,2020 Election since life in unbearable for them.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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November 2, 2020

On 12th October ,2020, Bono NDC Communication Office came to a shock when the Member of Parliament for Jaman South who also doubles as Deputy Minister for Aviation resulted to a Primitive way of getting redress from a media house by threatening the life of Akroma Deefour, the morning show host of Kiss Fm, a local radio station based at Drobo for exposing his incompetence and his inability to bring about development to the good people of Jaman South Constituency.

The Law maker who felt exposed and embarrassed after the journalist compared his twelve (12) years achievements in Parliament on roads to that of *Tano* *South MP, Hon* *Benjamin Sekyere’s* 4 years achievement, got angry and threatened the journalist, Akroma Deefour.

Reacting to the statement made by the journalist on his own radio station, Jaman Radio based at Drobo, the MP threatened to mercilessly deal with the journalist. He was heard on air making the following statement.. *“What nonsense is that…you Akroma, who are you to compare Tano South MP, Hon Benjamin Sekyere to me?”* he shouted. He was then heard threatening to storm the radio station to deal with the host .

The management of Kiss FM has officially reported the matter to Jaman South Police Command, but the journalist, Akroma Deefour who feels unsafe and frightened has called on the Police Service Department to deal with the issue to avoid any unforseen circumstance.

Bono NDC Communication Office will like to associate itself with this urgent call on the law enforcement Agency to investigate this unfortunate incident of death threat made by a member of parliament for Jaman South Hon Yaw Afful against Akroma Deefour.

We also condermn the content of a letter issued on 20th October, 2020 by Bono Regional Communications Director of NPP -Hon.Asare Bediako which sought to ban Kiss Fm from discussing any program or activity of New Partriotic Party in Jaman South Municipality in particular and Bono Region in general. We see this directive as a move against media freedom which the 1992 constitution of Ghana has granted them.

Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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November 1, 2020

According to Des Moines Register, Republican and incumbent, Donald John Trump currently leads, and has taken over Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden in Iowa.

Trump leads Biden by 7 points 48% to 41%. According to the register, 3% say they’ll vote for someone else, 2% are not that sure of who they should vote for and the rest 5% wont utter a word on whom they will vote for.

Many Americans have predicted a win for Trump if he’s able to win Iowa and other states that appears to be a win win situation for both parties.


Earlier on the president posted a picture on his Twitter feed, demanding justice for one of his fan page that has been pulled down by Facebook. In a tweet, Trump demands the page be restored immediately immediately


The elections is just less than 48 hours away and we can’t wait for the results. Will this be a landslide win for Donald Trump? Or Joe Biden is winning this one

October 29, 2020

Americans have less than a week to go to the polls. President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden will battle it come November third. Reports have it that more than 70million Americans have already casts their ballots in the 2020 general elections, something many describe to never happen in centuries according to Data available from  United states Elections project.



It is obvious Democrats have the advantage in early voting because of how they embrace email voting, something president Trump and majority of Republicans are opposed to. Though some Republicans have already voted via email voting, many are still opposed to it. President Trump had earlier on criticized the system, describing it as a system which has the potentials of promoting corruption and election rigging.


President Trump is opposed to many liberal policies like support for abortions, immigration policies and many more just like many Republicans. He also believe America must be open for people to go about their normal duties and activities. He is poised to make America great again. Will he get that mandate, will he get the support from Americans one more time. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was leading Trump but we all woke up in the morning to different results which surprised everyone. Trump had taken Hillary by surprise. The tables turned all of a sudden. Will it happen again? Because Biden seems to have taken lead in early voting, email balloting.

Who wins this though race? Twitter @Mawunya_

October 28, 2020

Americans have barely one week to go to the polls come November third. 2020 General elections haa brought much tension in America and the world at large as many anticipate outcomes of the elections and as campaigns intensifies, President Trump will not stop attacking his opponent, Joe Biden.


The president has called Joe Biden a ‘low energy’ man, who cannot lead Americans. In a statement, Trump said ‘sleepy Joe’, he use to call him, is a corrupt politician, who will ‘send American jobs to china ones he’s elected as president’


Joe Biden is a corrupt politician, he wants to send your jobs to China’ Trump said.

The president seems to be using the attacking tactics while Joe Biden is explains more of his policies and why Americans should give him the chance. Perfect right!.


According to him, billions of dollars were lost under his watch, when he was vice president to Barrack Obama. He attacks his family, labeling his family as corrup.

“money started flowing into Biden’s family after he became president. You become vice president of the United states,  and your family becomes super wealthy” Twitter @Mawunya_

October 26, 2020

The Central Regional Chairman of the Ghana Union Movement(GUM), Okatakyie Nana Kwasi Ackon has said that as part of the party’s vision to develop Ghana when given the mandate in December 7 polls will focus on revamping all the abandoned state farms and factories, and job creation through the building of factories as well as bring the holistic transformation of socio-economic development for the general well-being of the populace. He also said he is optimistic to sweep more seats in the central region from NPP and NDC.

Okatakyie Ackon made the statement at a press conference when the party was unveiling its 15 Parliamentary Candidates in the central region at Elmina. The 5 out of the 15 candidates are women. *Cue in = 1:35secs*

On his part, the Regional Communication Director of Ghana Union Movement (GUM) Mr Isaac Manu said for 15 candidates to pay 10,000 cedis each to contest on the ticket of a newly formed political like GUM shows their commitment to build Ghana by shaving away the two major political parties NPP and NDC.

Lastly, In an interview with Angel Fm news reporter Kwame Owusu Asante Shadrack, some of the Parliamentary Candidates laid down their visions for their various Constituencies.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

Do you have article or a story you may want to publish??? Please Email us on : website:

October 25, 2020

Youth of two major political parties in Ghana, NDC and NPP clash today in Accra, Jamestown today.


Videos circulating on social media of young men and women in party NPP and NDC party attire, throwing stones, bottles and all sorts of projectiles at each other on the streets of Jamestown,  a suburb of Accra in Odododiodoo Constituency.


Reports have it that some persons have been injured though the figure is yet to be ascertained, we can confirm some persons have been wounded.


Ghanaians will casts their votes come December 7 to elect another president for another four years as per the country’s constitution. Experts say the 2020 general elections will be one of a kind because its between a former president, John Dramani Mahama and an incumbent, President Nana Akufo-Addo who is also seeking for another term.


The youth must be well educated on the consequences of political violence and the need to lay before youths punishments available for people who are found culpable. Twitter @Mawunya_

October 25, 2020

At least six children have killed by armed men in Cameroons southwest school yesterday.  Reports reaching has it that unknown gunmen stormed a private school in Southwest Cameroon, killing at least six children on the spot, wounding several others.


Video fo the tragic incident is very disturbing, as little children were gunned down while they were learning.


Officials in Cameron’s south western city of Kumba have blamed the attack on Anglophone secessionist groups to have carried out the attack. There has been growing unrest in some parts of Cameroon since 2016 since Anglophone groups in the country began their push for independence.


Schools and some parts of Cameroon have been shut down since 2016 in quest to curb the situation. According to these Anglophone separatist groups, they’re being marginalised by French speaking majority. Twitter @Mawunya_

October 23, 2020

Multiple media houses and polls conducted in last night’s debate showed Donald Trump won. The president tops for former vice president, Joe Biden, now Democratic presidential hopeful.

Observers of Thursday’s debate also have it that Donald Trump did far better than Joe Biden.


Americans have barely 7days to vote. And the world is watching as America stands as the beacon of democracy, many expect nothing but free, fair and a very peaceful elections come November third. That beautiful pride cant be thrown to the wolves. America first, Trump will say. Country over politics, American lives over power.


According to CNN, president Trump spoke the most with decent composure, topping his competitor, Joe Biden.

On coronavirus, Trump says “we’re learning to live with it”

But Joe Biden replied “people are learning to die with it”

Both leaders had wonderful night with each of them explaining their juicy policies when re-elected and elected. Reports also have it that, Donald Trump will have a landslide victory come November 3, 2020 Twitter @Mawunya_


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