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October 4, 2020

New discovery as archaeologists discover 59 ancient coffins believed to be over 2,500years old near Saqqara pyramids.



ABC news gathered that, Egyptian archaeologists have “unveiled a collection of 59 ancient sarcophagus unearthed in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara”


According to the news portal, more are expected to be exhumed from the burial site used by inhabitants of Memphis, the ancient capital. Antiquities Minister, Khaled El-Anany told reporters this was just the beginning of the discovery as more research is underway. “This is not the end of the discovery, this is only the beginning. We haven’t had that chance to announce a discovery since March because of covid-19 restrictions but we have battled such conditions and have worked harder since August ro dig and uncover more secrets of this great civilisation. He told news reporters.



Most of these sarcophagus were found to have been painted and inscribed with hieroglyphs and were discovered intact, how amazing. This video below is a showcase of how two of them were opened


That was a video of how one sarcophagi was unveiled. Interesting right?


The Sarcophagus are said to have their dates back to the 26th dynasty which is about 2,500 years ago. The researchers revealed that top officials like during that dynasty, including priests, Egyptian mummies etc. have all been buried in them.



This is another discovery for Egypt, a development to boost the country’s tourism industry. Twitter @kamlinks_

Source: ABC news


September 29, 2020

Rodinia is a Russian word rodit meaning to give birth or rodina, meaning to motherland,  birthplace. It was a Neoproterozoic supercontinent that assembled 1.1- 0.9 billion years ago and broke up 750- 633million years ago.



Research has it that, mother earth was frozen 750- 633 years ago like a snowball which made all continents at that time to merge to form one single supercontinent known as Rodinia.



Ronidia was formed by accretion collision of fragments produced by breakup of an older supercontinent, Columbia according to wikipedia.


We shall dig into this to bring you more information.

Twitter @Mawunya_

August 21, 2020

Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera aka El Chapo is a mexican drug lord and former learder of Sinaloa cartel, an international crime syndicate. El Chapo is considered to have been the most powerful drug trafficker in the world. Guzman founded his own cartel in 1988 after Gallardo’s arrest, one of the drug lords in the 1980s. here are some interesting facts about El Chapo, a man considered as one of the worlds most powerful traffickers



  • El Chapo was able to smuggle cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin into the United States of America and Europe, a market considered as the worlds greatest users of the above mentioned drugs. El Chapo is said to have smuggled drugs to America and Europe than any other drug trafficker in history. He achieved this by creating long range tunnels and distributing cells across borders.


Bloomberg’s Best Photos 2014: Drug trafficker Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is escorted to a helicopter by Mexican security forces at Mexico’s International Airport in Mexico city, Mexico, on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014. Mexico’s apprehension of the world’s most-wanted drug boss struck a blow to a cartel that local and U.S. authorities say swelled into a multinational empire, fueling killings around the world. Photographer: Susana Gonzalez/Bloomberg via Getty Images



  • Between 2009 and 2013, Forbes magazine ranked him as one of the most powerful in the world. between that period, Drug Enforcement Administration estimated his wealth and influence to have matched the worlds greatest drug lord, Pablo Escobar.



  • El Chapo was first apprehended in 1993 in Mesico, Guatemala where he was extradited and sentenced to 20 years in prison in Mexico prison on charges of drug trafficking and murder. Guzman was able to escape prison for the very first time by bribing prison guards from a federal maximum security prison after 8 years in 2001




MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – JUNE 21: Felix Beltran Leon (R), wrongly identified by authorities as the son of Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka “El Chapo Guzman”, leader of the Pacific drug cartels, Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar, and Kevin Daniel Beltran (L) are presented to the press in Mexico City, on June 21, 2012. Beltran was mistakenly arrested by the Mexican marines on Thursday in an operation in Zapopan, Jalisco State. Authorities admitted late on June 23, 2012 that after making the necessary tests, they confirmed the detained man is Felix Beltran Leon. (Photo by Miguel Tovar/LatinContent via Getty Images)


  • His status as a fugitive resulted in an 8.8 million American dollar bounty placed on him for anyone who could assist in his arrest in USA or Mexico. El Chapo was arrested again in 2014 where he again escaped prior to formal sentencing a year later through a tunnel under his prison cell. He was later captured again in 2016 by Mexican authorities through a shoot not to kill incident where he was extradited to America. In 2019, El Chapo was found guilty of murder and other criminal charges in relation to Sinaloa cartel where he is currently in prison saving life sentence



  • His estimated worth is 14 billion American dollars, making him the biggest drug lord in history after Pablo Escobar whose estimated worth was around 122 billion dollars

Twitter @Mawunya_

June 9, 2020

Be A Citizen Not A Spectator- ( when You See something say something )

The word “journalism” is often complicated and misinterpreted by many. Most people do not consider journalism a profession because there isn’t a set of guidelines that everybody must pass and there is no required curriculum or journalists. We live in a time where news is accessed in many different ways through many different platforms.

Journalism exceeds an instance where specific people do gather information, we are citizens and so therefore we are expected to be each other’s keeper. In an era where corruption has made it way in almost all the institutions in the country.

With increased social media and more expected modes of communication, the face of journalism has changed, as the world becomes more globalized, our networks and community expand. Some may say this information we receive through peers on social media platforms are more reliable, while others argue it is less reliable. Even though the press could be viewed as more reliable than social media platforms, biased views could take place regardless of the official title of established companies.

Be a citizen journalist where you are, no matter your qualification. Being a citizen means that we are to promote the good name of Ghana where ever we find ourselves. We are generally noted to be hospitable and peace-loving people. Good name they say is better than riches. It is our collective responsibility not to tarnish our image as Ghanaians to the outside world. Political actors must know that they are also citizens and not spectators hence, when they engage in open vilification and blackmailing, they are destroying our image as Ghanaians. The outside world does not know NPP, NDC, PPP etc. All they know is Ghanaians are fighting.

Being a citizen and not spectator is an invitation to uphold the constitution and be law abiding citizens. Citizens who fail to follow rules become rowdy spectators. We are all interested in upholding the constitution when it comes to elections. Political layers make sure that electoral rules are strictly followed to the latter. They are ready and willing to find redress in courts when they are not adhered to. Again, we are not to upload the constitution blindly. We must apply “moral common-sensical approach” in upholding the constitution. If we fail to apply the “moral common-sensical approach”, people will take advantage of the lacuna in our laws to exploit others. They can even sack you from your legally acquired property and say it is the law. The legislature and the judiciary should be interested in upholding, amending law for the common good but not that which would suite their pay masters and keep them in power.

The life in a country where fingers are always pointed at people who always wanted to uphold the good name of the country in an instance where journalist are being killed and maltreated. In the case of Ahmed Hussein, the Ghanaian journalist’s part of a team led by award-winning journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, whose investigation led to the resignation of the head of the Ghana Football Association and was shot dead in Accra.

Even though Dozens of football referees and officials in several countries were also banned as a result of the investigation, including the Nigerian National team coach, Salisu Yusuf, for receiving cash from undercover journalists posing as agents.



Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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March 9, 2020

Dexterity educational consult want to help you realise your dreams. Do you want to study outside your current nation? To have a feel of other nations cultures and education systems? Well the problem of jumping from agency to another agency with disappointments is finally over. Dexterity educational consult is offering you that opportunity to make it a reality.


Variety they say makes life very spicy. You have to explore, to understand life and to have a full life experience. Dexterity educational consult will help you achieve that; to acquire that education in any part around the globe.

They have varieties of programmes available from across all courses of your choice in different parts of the globe. Countries currently available include China,  Germany,  USA,  Australia,  Canada Holland and many more.


They are located in Africa, Ghana precisely in Tesano, near Tesano service station, Abeka road.


All necessary informations you may need is on their flier provided. Kindly reach the now to make your dreams fulfilled.


Kelvin M. Ashong   Twitter  @Mawunya_



February 6, 2020

Puyi, wade Giles also called Puyi Henry was born on February 7th 1906 in Beijing in China and died 17th of October 1967 in Beijing. He was the last of Manchu emperors.


He ascended the throne of Manchu at a very tender age of two in 1908 but went through so many difficulties growing up . Just three years after,  there was a revolution which turned the country into a republic.  Although his abdication,  the little boy was allowed to maintain his title and was taken to another environment but he was very little and could not notice things were not in order.  His new place was palace but was in prison.  At the age of 16, he was reinstated but was later removed.


He was apprehended by Soviet forces and was flown to Siberia where he was kept captive but in comfortable circumstances until 1950 when the Russian government handed him to the columnist government of China. Pu Yi feared of execution but was rather put in detention where war criminals are kept together with safe of his family and some of his officials under his regime. He also worked as a street sweeper just to sustain his family.


Pu Yi was later pardoned after years of rehabilitation. He later worked as an assistant part time gardener at Beijing botanical gardens. After he was overthrown,  things became very difficult.  Basic tasks like brushing of his own teeth, lacing of his shoes became very difficult for him after he was overthrown.

January 19, 2020

“We made a mistake. As the National Archives of the United states, we are and have always been committed to preserving our archrival holdings without alteration” a statement from United states National Archives spells out.


The photo was taken from the first women’s March in 2017 in Washington. On the president’s first day in office,  over 500,000 participants of the women’s March movement lined up on the streets to March for the rights of women. The exhibit showed in 2017 image with another photo representing a woman’s protests wayback in 1913.

“We apologise and will immediately star6a thorough review of our exhibit policies and procedures so that this does not happen again ” the statement read.


According to the museum, they have removed the display on Saturday afternoon and woul6be replaced with unaltered one.


By Kelvin M.  Ashong   Twitter @Mawunya_


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December 25, 2019

A white man wearing white beard has been arrested for allegedly robbing a bank in Colorado. He went on the street shouting Merry Christmas as he throw money to people on the street. The man named David Wayne Olivia was arrested at a nearby starbucks in Colorado Spring after he targeted the Academy Bank.

When he finally succeeded, he started throwing money out of the stolen bag shouting Merry Christmas Merry Christmas. Police say there was no indication a weapon was used in the heist.

By: Kelvin Mawunya Ashong. Twitter Kelvin Mawunya Ashong, Facebook: Kelvin Mawunya (Official) Company: kam-links ltd. Do you have article or a story you may want to publish? Please email us now or whatsapp on +233546770815. website: passion 4 excellence!!!

September 9, 2019


50 Ghanaian were among about 1,600 students to have successfully complete the annual agrostudies programme in Israel. Other students who participated in this programme were from Asia, South America and other African countries as well. The agrostudies training project organized by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture.

The students spent 12months in Israel where they received various training from different agricultural institutions and other agronomists. They were trained in areas such as vegetables, fruits, irrigation with on the job training in about 220 Israel farms.

Various Ministers of Agriculture including Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Hon. Kennedy Osei Nyarko; Tanzania’s Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Japhet Ngailonga Hasunga; and the Minister of Water of Togo, Tchede Issa Bouraïma Kanfitine participated in the closing ceremony.

During the closing ceremony, Mr Andy Tsatsu Kwawukume, a participant from Ghana was selected to speak on behalf of all the students. Other Ghanaian participants also displayed some colourful Ghanaian cultural dance.

On Tuesday, 3 September, the Embassy of Israel in Accra and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture held a farewell reception for another 71 students who will be participating in the next session of the Agrostudies training in Israel.




By: Kelvin Mawunya Ashong. Twitter Kelvin Mawunya Ashong, Facebook: Kelvin Mawunya (Official) Company: kam-links ltd. Do you have article or a story you may want to publish? Please email us now or whatsapp on +233546770815. website: passion 4 excellence!!!

September 7, 2019

With over 1.3billion people watching and waiting for the good news of its vikram making a safe landing on the moon, hopes seems to be lost as the agency lost trace of the lunar lander. India’s hopes for its Vikram lunar lander to make a soft landing on the moon were all but dashed when ground control lost of the aircraft’s signal.

According to space annalists, the normal performance was observed up to an altitude of 2.1 kilometres. Subsequently, the communications from the lander to ground station was lost. What is known is that the landing aircraft had successfully performed the rough braking phase, a controlled but strong fuel burn to reduce its descent velocity. But the trouble began shortly after the fine braking phase was initiated. That latter phase should have reduced the speed a little bit more to create the conditions for the craft to make a soft landing. While applause from engineers, scientists and invited guests matched each prior phase of the descent, the mission control room suddenly went quiet.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was hopeful and applauded the progress of the scientists. “what you have achieved is no small feet, i am with you, proceed with courage, hope for the best” Modi told the scientists in the control room.

The only nations to have attained that achievement are the former Soviet Union, the United States of America and China.



By: Kelvin Mawunya Ashong. Twitter Kelvin Mawunya Ashong, Facebook: Kelvin Mawunya (Official) Company: kam-links ltd. Do you have article or a story you may want to publish? Please email us now or whatsapp on +233546770815. website: passion 4 excellence!!!


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