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January 5, 2021

There were over 4723 cases of rape and sexual assault in 2029 alone in SouthAfrica. Victims of this barbaric crime have been sharing their experiences over the years and I must confess it’s very painful to even watch or hear. According to interpol study, a woman is raped every 17 seconds in South Africa, making it the highest in the world, topping America’s 2 minutes and India’s 15 minutes.


This is very alarming and disturbing to say. There are countries across the globe where violence against women mostly occurs. For instance in India, a woman is raped every 15 minutes according to survey. The time difference between these two countries where these tragic incidents occur should tell you how serious the situation is in South Africa. South Africa has been name the ‘rape capital’ of the world by interpol. According to interpol, women in South Africa are more likely to be raped than educated. Also, the study found that women are killed almost every three hours in SA, making life very unbearable and uncomfortable to stay.

This was someone sharing his personal story of how living in SA was very uncomfortable for one particular woman all because of rape and had to relocate to her her home, England.


There have been reports of violence across South Africa in recent years. Now the biggest question is why all these? Are the laws really working to protect women when these horrible crimes being committed? What measures has the country put in place to find a lasting solution to these problems?.


The thing is lots of these cases even go unreported. The records of women being raped every 17 to 30 seconds excludes the number of child rape victims as many of such incidents are often reported across South Africa, making the situation even more worse.


December 15, 2020

Islamic group boko haram has claimed responsibility for kidnapping over 330 schoolboys in Northwest Nigeria.


A man claimed to be the leader of the terrorist organization in an audio message says the Islamic militant group was responsible for the abduction of these young innocent Nigerian schoolboys.


The attack carried in boys school in Northern Katsina state is said to be the largest attack in years. The little children were abducted overnight for unknown reasons and are yet to be found. One of the boys who managed to escape says they actually thought these guys were soldiers until they started behaving weird.

He suspected it quickly and had to jump the school wall to be able to escape. Twitter @kamlinks_



October 25, 2020

Youth of two major political parties in Ghana, NDC and NPP clash today in Accra, Jamestown today.


Videos circulating on social media of young men and women in party NPP and NDC party attire, throwing stones, bottles and all sorts of projectiles at each other on the streets of Jamestown,  a suburb of Accra in Odododiodoo Constituency.


Reports have it that some persons have been injured though the figure is yet to be ascertained, we can confirm some persons have been wounded.


Ghanaians will casts their votes come December 7 to elect another president for another four years as per the country’s constitution. Experts say the 2020 general elections will be one of a kind because its between a former president, John Dramani Mahama and an incumbent, President Nana Akufo-Addo who is also seeking for another term.


The youth must be well educated on the consequences of political violence and the need to lay before youths punishments available for people who are found culpable. Twitter @Mawunya_

October 25, 2020

At least six children have killed by armed men in Cameroons southwest school yesterday.  Reports reaching has it that unknown gunmen stormed a private school in Southwest Cameroon, killing at least six children on the spot, wounding several others.


Video fo the tragic incident is very disturbing, as little children were gunned down while they were learning.


Officials in Cameron’s south western city of Kumba have blamed the attack on Anglophone secessionist groups to have carried out the attack. There has been growing unrest in some parts of Cameroon since 2016 since Anglophone groups in the country began their push for independence.


Schools and some parts of Cameroon have been shut down since 2016 in quest to curb the situation. According to these Anglophone separatist groups, they’re being marginalised by French speaking majority. Twitter @Mawunya_

October 25, 2020

Top al Qaeda leader Abu Mushin al Masri has been killed in Afghanistan according to aljazeera. Abu Mushin is believed to be second in command and was on most FBI’s most wanted terrorist list over these years.


Al- Masri who was of Egypt descendant believed to be al – Qaeda’s second in command was assassinated during a special operation in Afghanistan’s Central Ghanzi Province. Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security made the announcement hours ago.

According to aljazeera, the announced was made same day 18 people were killed in a suicide bombing Kabul, an attack that led at least 57 people seriously wounded Twitter @Mawunya_

October 21, 2020

World heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua and Manchester United forward Odion Ighalo all added their voices to recent happenings in Nigeria. According to them, the government of Nigeria has failed its citizens.

In a video, both stars condemned the act, calling president Buhari and Nigerian army to stand down and listen to peaceful protesters. Yesterday, many were been reported to have been killed and brutalized by the  Nigerian army in Lekki. Reports have it that Nigerian army fired live gunshots into protesters, killing and injuring many Nigerian youth protesters for an end to police brutality across Nigeria.


Yesterday, Former America’s  presidential candidate for Democratic party, Hillary Clinton also added her voice, condemning the matter and calling president Buhari and Nigeria army to stand down.

We’re yet to see any African leader speak on the matter. The question is why are African leaders silent on this matter for over two weeks now? Ecowas have been silent on the matter since its inception. To many, Ecowas can’t act swiftly due to international principles governing the bloc.

The screenshot of the above Ecowas document spells out that no Ecowas member will meddle in any domestic affairs of any member state. Even if that will happen, appropriate measures must be taken. Twitter @Mawunya_

October 20, 2020

Former presidential aspirant of Nigeria, Adamu Garba has sued Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey for meddling in domestic affairs of Nigeria. Adamu has sued Jack, demanding an amount of one billion American dollars for supporting ‘End SARS’ protest, a movement currently ongoing in Nigeria to end police brutality and inequality across Nigeria.


Mr. Adamu tweeted a while ago, addressing his concerns over developments for Jack’s support for EndSARS protest, alerting him of his legal actions against him

“Dear Jack, here’s your motion of notice, a fine of $1 billion dollars in favour of Federal Republic of Nigeria as a compensation as lost of lives, properties and convenience” Mr. Adamu posted




Few hours after,  Mr. Adamu held press conference, explaining reasons behind for his legal actions against Jack Dorsey.


Nigerians are not taken things kindly with the former presidential candidate at all. To many, Adamu’s problem is with Twitter in Nigeria,  not Jack Dorsey, the CEO. Twitter @Mawunya_

October 20, 2020

The police have been urged to focus more attention on and step up security presence at settlements outside the city centre because such community are increasingly coming under armed robbery attacks.

For more than three months, the residents in Kokoben new site in Atwima Kwanwoma district  have suffered violent attacks by armed Robbers.

Dada popularly known as Rascopper a resident and victim who has been robbed six months ago told Express reporter in an interview that, his electrical cable and belongings had been stolen by robbers.

Almost six year now according to him, the Ecobank branch manager for Kumasi was shot death by masked armed robbers in the same area. He added that a lot of traders have sustained machatte wounds.

‘We have wrote several petitions to the Security agency and city authorities but no action has been taken’. we are calling the government and city authorities to immediately respond to the cry to ensure propper security  to reduce robbery.

He therefore appealed to youth to sacrifice to volunteer to support the security agencies to combat criminal activities in the district.

Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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October 19, 2020

President of the United states,  Donald John Trump has announced that his administration is ready to lift sanctions on Sudan as sponsors of terrorism after the latter agreed to pay the former $335 million. According to Mr. Trump,  this is “justice for the America and big step for Sudan” he revealed.


“Great news  new government of Sudan,  which is making great progress has agreed to pay $335 to U.S terror victims and families” he posted


Sudan, iraq, Iran and many countries across the world like Nort Korea etc. are facing sanctions, and have been blacklisted by the United states of America for sponsoring terrorism or breaking international regulations. Many other countries are on the list for promoting money laundering, breaking immigration laws etc.


Trump who is seeking to be re-elected by the American people has few days to retain the presidency seat as Americans have barely two weeks to vote Twitter @Mawunya_

October 14, 2020

Founder of Twitter has joined Nigerians in End SARS protest.


End SARS protest, now end swat protest has seen very powerful influences and global icons joining the movement. Yesterday, American rapper Kanye west tweeted, pledging his solidarity with Nigerians.



Many great personalities from all walks of life like Tammy Abraham, Marcus Rashford, Shatta wale, Stonebwoy, Edem etc. have all joined Nigerians, sending their support to end police brutality in Nigeria.


Hours ago,  Jack Dorsey also added his voice, tweeting for people to make donations through bitcoin to support “End SARS”


SARS which was pronounced to have been dissolved on Sunday October 12 never quenched the protest simply because it has been replaced with swat. To some Nigerians, this is just another form of SARS in disguise. Twitter @Mawunya_


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