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April 8, 2020

Former Barcelona football star, Ronaldinho has been released from prison. The football legend was arrested somewhere early March for illegally entering Paraguay.

He has been released today to the tune of 1.6 American US Dollars. He has been in jail for 32days


Ronaldinho and his senior brother, who is his business manager entered Paraguay with illegal passport which led to the arrest of both.

Ronaldinho is well noted for football¬† how skillful the Brazilian was in his active football days and even now. Even in prison, he scored about 5 goals when a match was organised.¬† He’s also noted for his smiles even in difficult times. Even in prison,¬† he smiles.

We thank God for his life and we hope things unfold much better.  We shall keep you informed


Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_

April 7, 2020

Football club Manchester United Foundation and club staff delivered 30,000 items of drinks and food to Salford Royal Hospital, Stretford Food Bank and some charitable homes amids covid-19 crisis.

The workforce packaged 30,000 items to a number of places in Greater Manchester including the above mentioned Food Bank. Hospital and other Charitable Homes.

This initiative is said to follow a £50,000 to the Trussell Trust to support 19 food banks across Greater Manchester as part of a joint fan led initiative with Manchester city along with 350 hot meals that were cooked and distributed.

Lots of individuals, clubs, companies etc. made donations to hospitals during this coronavirus crisis. And they continue to make their little contributions. You should do yours too. No amount, gift is small in these trying times.

Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter  @Mawunya_

April 6, 2020

The mother of Manchester city manager Pep Guardiola has gave up the ghost after contracting covid-19. According to Manchester city,¬† the manager’s mother, Dolors Sala Carrio died at Manresa Barcelona at age 82 in Spain.

Last three weeks,¬† Pep Guardiola made donation of ‚ā¨1million to Spain amid coronavirus pandemic. As we speak more than 13,000 people have lost their lives in Spain alone. Global death toll hit 70,000 today, 6 of March. The world is currently battling with over 1.2million cases of coronavirus.

A statement from Manchester city to Peps family said “everyone associated with the club sends their most heartfelt sympathy at this most distressing time to Pep, his family and all their friends”


May her beautiful soul RIP



April 1, 2020

The premier league and English Football League, EFL have agreed the season cannot resume until it is very save and appropriate. Both are in agreement that until this covid-19 pandemic is finally over and the atmosphere is safe appropriate and conducive, there will be no resumption.

Talks will however continue till next week  on wages of players and the format for resumption.

Senior representatives from the Professional Footballers Association, English Football League, Premier League and the League Mangers Association met on Wednesday, the first of April to discuss challenges facing the sport amid coronavirus crisis.


All activities as far as these associations are concern were all suspended including fixtures of matches which will not resume until 30th April or less according to how safe things will turn out.


Salary of players was another important area of discussion following number of club owners warning that a wage deferral is inevitable if clubs are to get through the  current circumstances and survive the financial burden of this coronavirus pandemic.

Kelvin M.  Ashong    Twitter   @Mawunya_



March 30, 2020

Boxing legend Billy Joe Saunders got his licence suspended after posting a video online which supports domestic abuse. In the video he’s seen teaching his viewers how to punch their partners.


People believe his intentions was just to create something humorous or jokes amids this pandemic. However, British Boxing Board Control acted very quickly on the matter.

In the video,¬† Joe Saunders who is 30 years of age advises men on how to physically hit their partners who give them problems during recent coronavirus lockdown. Men to physically hit partners who are “giving you mouth ” during the ongoing covid-19 lockdown.


British Boxing Board Control revealed in a statement that “having considered comments made by Billy Joe Saunders on social media, we have suspended boxer’s licence pending hearing under the boards misconduct regulations”


Here’s what Billy said in the video “if your woman is giving you mouth and you try to be patient, you try to be calm, cool but after the sixth day you are about to explode”

He said in the video and later went on to demonstrate to viewers how they should punch their partners.



Kelvin M.  Ashong    Twitter @Mawunya_


March 27, 2020

Abdelhak  Nouri, who play for Ajax football club finally wake up from coma. Abdelhak Nouri suffered cardiac arrests in 2017 during a friendly. He immediately collapsed  during the match and developed serious brain damage.


Abderrahim who is Nouri’s brother said the 22year old footballer woke up and showed signs of life, according to Dutch daily De Telegraaf.

“It is well with Abdelhak, yes what is good? He’s awake, he’s sleeping, he’s eating, he’s burping, but he’s not getting out of bed his brother told Amsterdam

At good times there’s a form of communication, then he moves his eyebrows. He just can’t keep it up for long. He just can’t keep it up for long. That seems to be top sports for him. He revealed

The Dutch Moroccan midfielder collapsed during a friendly match between Ajax and Germany’s werder Bremen on July 8 2017 in Austria due to cardiac arrest which led to serious brain injuries


Kelvin M. Ashong     Twitter    @Mawunya_

March 24, 2020

Pep Guardiola who is currently the manager for Manchester city football club made a donation of ‚ā¨1 million, to support the people of Spain to help fight covid-19, sky sports disclosed.


We all know Europe is now the epicenter for this deadly disease with Italy recording over 6000 deaths. Spain too is reportedly affected, so as most European nations like UK which is currently under lockdown, Belgium,  France, Germany have all reported cases of coronavirus.

And this is the time for people like Pep Guardiola to support. And the people of Spain won’t forget this moments. We pray for Europe, and the world as a whole



Kelvin M. Ashong


Kelvin M. Ashong    Twitter   @Mawunya_

March 24, 2020

All time football star, Lionel Messi who has most his entire career playing for Barcelona is reported to have made a donation to a hospital clinic in Barcelona, Spain.

Medical workers in overalls stretch a patient under intensive care into the newly built Columbus Covid 2 temporary hospital to fight the new coronavirus infection, on March 16, 2020 at the Gemelli hospital in Rome. (Photo by ANDREAS SOLARO / AFP) (Photo by ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP via Getty Images)

The amount he donated was not disclosed but according to Mundo Deportivo reports,¬† Messi donated ‚ā¨1 million to the hospital to help fight this global pandemic coronavirus and to facilitate the performance of the clinic and replacement of health equipments.

Its clear lots of stars including footballers are not left out in donating to the cause of getting rid of this deadly virus, covid-19


Kudos to them all. Asante

Kelvin M.  Ashong    Twitter    @Mawunya_

March 23, 2020

Prime Minister of Japan,¬† Shinzo Abe has revealed that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics games might just be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. According to him ” the games may need to be postponed if the event cannot be held in its complete form due to coronavirus”


On Sunday the 22nd of March 2020, the International Olympic committee, IOC revealed after an emergency meeting that it is stepping up its scenario planning which has been planned to kick start on the 24th of July including possible postponement.


“If it becomes very difficult,¬† we may have no option but considering postponing the games” Shinzo Abe said.


He noted that cancelling the games was not an option but a delay was now on the cards if that was the only way to hold the event in its complete form.

Security guards wearing protective facemasks, amid concerns of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, patrol on a shopping area in Beijing on February 17, 2020. – The death toll from China’s COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic jumped to 1,770 after 105 more people died, the National Health Commission said on February 17. More than 70,500 have now been infected nationwide by the virus, which first emerged in December in central Hubei province before spreading across the country. (Photo by GREG BAKER / AFP) (Photo by GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images)

More than 13,000 people have lost their lives since the outbreak of the deadly virus, covid-19 with over 300,000 infections worldwide. It all started in China, Wuhan, a virus President Trump calls “Chinese virus” now has Europe, Italy as its epicenter.

As of Sunday morning, Japan recorded 10,55 of coronavirus with 37 deaths. The situation is different in Italy where over 5000 people have lost their lives.


Kelvin M.  Ashong       @Mawunya_

March 21, 2020

AC Milan football club has announced that Paolo Maldini and his son, Daniel Maldini tested positive for coronavirus. The club made the announcement few hours ago.

According to the club, both are save and are just doing well. They encourage fans and all around the globe to keep the team and all those infected in their prayers.

Father of Daniel Maldini, Paolo Maldini was one of the world’s best defenders when it come to football. He spent 25 of his years playing football at AC Milan and had played in the world cup in Italy. He is one of the legends still alive. We celebrate him and we wish him and his son speedy recovery.


Kelvin M.  Ashong   Twitter   @Mawunya_


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