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September 18, 2020

Ghanaian lad, Kelvin Odartei of Cosmos International school has built his own car. The young man drove the car to school in a grand style to climax his graduation from the school as BECE students write their final papers today, Friday November 18.



Kelvin who is 18, is seen with his colleagues in his car after exams and it’s just amazing how these young lads appreciate the little efforts of Kelvin

We want to celebrate him, and we wish him the very best in the future. It is our hope that, this young lad will grow to become one of Africa’s best engineers Ghana has ever produced

Twitter @Mawunya_

September 15, 2020

This years Apple Event got people thinking as the Tech giant company released a couple of products including apple watch, iPad but no sign of iPhone 12 as presumed by many iOS users.




Apple has this tradition of launching products in September every year. Multiple products were launched today, September 15 but the company omitted something in its flagship iPhone line.



Apple watch and iPad will be available from September 18, the apple watch will be available for £379, while the high end version with GPS and cellular capabilities will be sold at £479.




Reasons why the company could not announce much anticipated iPhone 12 was not revealed.

Twitter @Mawunya_

August 10, 2020

Indigenous car maker company in Ghana, Kantanka automobile is said to unveil its first electric vehicle. Chief executive officer of the company,  Kwadwo Safo Junior posted a video of the new Amoanimah electric car today on his Twitter feed with the caption ‘Kantanka Amoanimah EV’


Ghanaians on social media are very happy with Amoanimah. Some expressed their deepest satisfactions on its arrival. To some, they can’t even wait to purchase this new vehicle from the very first automobile company to emerge from Ghana.



The car has both fuel option and electric option as well. There is 0.8L (800cc) option aside the electric option where you can just charge it and then drive like how you charge your electric devices at home. Yes, you can just plug into any home wall socket like how you charge your phone and other electric home appliances to get Amoanimah charged.



One will ask how long it will last on road when its fully charged. Well other specifications of Amoanimah will be made known when its finally unveiled.


Congrats to Kantanka for this new product. Ghanaians cant wait to enjoy.

February 27, 2020

The NDC has accused Nana Akufo Addo led administration of failing to keep up to or at least maintain where they left power supply in the country. Parts of Accra and other areas in the country have faced power outages for weeks now.

Speaking to media outlets yesterday, Mr Jinapor, who was the deputy minister for energy in former president John Mahama ‘s administration noted that the npp government should come out to draw a time schedule for these power outages “dumsor ”

“The minister for energy, Mr Peter Amewu must with immediate effect lift his unlawful gagging orders which he has Imposed on the power sector SOEs preventing them from publishing an already prepared load shedding time table” John jinapor said


The former deputy energy minister noted that the npp government should stop lying to Ghanaians and to publish this as soon as possible to enable Ghanaians plan their daily activities.



Kelvin M.  Ashong   Twitter @Mawunya_


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February 6, 2020

German luxury carmaker,  Mercedes Benz will launch electric SUV EQC in April.The giant carmaker company will start its Electric vehicle journey in India electric SUV EQC.

“We are introducing the EQC in the Indian market, we are quite bullish on this segmen. What we see today is a GST advantage in selling fully electric vehicles” Matthias Luehrs who is the Mercedes Benz car head overseastold reporters.

He later revealed that the company’s strategy is to evolve towards that segment in the near future.

“The goods and services tax (GST) subvention is a clear sign for the government’s support for electric vehicles” he noted

Meaning the German government is in total support of the company’s new chapter.

Most advance carmaker companies are gearing towards electric cars. An American company like Tesla started long ago.

Kelvin M. Ashong Twitter @Mawunya_

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January 15, 2020

President Trump has reacted to Apple company’s refusal to unlock the iPhone of the alleged killer in at Pensacola, Florida air base.

Trump’s tweet came few hours after Apple declined the requests from the attorney general, William Barr’s office and that of the FBI, to unblock two iPhones believed to be tge property of a 21 year old man who killed three Anerican sailors in a shooting incident last year December.

‘We are helping Apple all the time on trade and so many other issues and yet, they refused to unlock phones used by killers, drug dealers and other violent criminal elements. They will have to step up to the plate and help our great country, now! Make American great again’ the president posted on his Twitter feed.

Meanwhile, attorney general William Barr also shared his frustrations saying Apple’s built-in encryption disallowed the FBI from getting into the phones.

‘We call on apple and ther technology companies to help us find a solution so that we can better protect the lives of Americans and prevent future attacks’ he said

By Kelvin M. Ashong Twitter @Mawunya_

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January 7, 2020

Hyundai is the very first carmaker company to team up with an IT firm to come together to build electric air car. Uber has promised to start demonstrator urban flights in 2020 and to commercial operations in 2023.

United States ride-hailing company Uber Technologies and South Korean carmaker Hyundai planned to jointly build electric air taxis in a partnership. The move is to help solve problems of too much urban congestion when this flying cars are finally manufactured.

Hyundai will unveil a concept electric aircraft developed with Uber at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will happen in Las Vegas with a model designed to carry out four passengers with a pilot and fly on trips of up to 60miles (100km), according to Gadgets 360.

By Kelvin M. Ashong Twitter @Mawunya_

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September 9, 2019

Apple is expected to unveil its new iphones into the market on 10th of September 2019. The new iphones will officially announced this September which is said to be called iphone11. It would be launched at their headquarters, United States in Califonia, Cupertino.

Applemay once again be unveiling three different iphone models. The company is however debuting the pro moniker for their flagship line of phones. Here are some of the features.

The biggest feature coming could likely be the new tripple rear camera setup. The two pro iphones are reportedly going to feature 3 rear sensor that can capture ultra-wide angle and low light photos. I t can also capture three images simultaneously and combine them together with the help of artificial intelligence.

When it comes to display, Apple is expected to be following the same formula as last year, releasing 2 higher end models with OLED panels and one with LCD. All things being equal, the iphone11 ships with a 6.1 inch LCD display with 1,792 by 828 resolution at 458 pixels per inch. The iphone11 pro max has the biggest display among the three, flaunting a 6.5 inch OLED panel with 2,688 by 1,242 resolution at 458 pixels per inch.

All the three models are not expected to look different from the previous ones. The most affordable among this years iphone is iphone11 which is expected to start at $749 for the variant with 64GB of storage, iphone11 pro will start at $999 for the variant with 128GB of storage, iphone11 pro max is also expected to start at $1,099 also having storage capacity of 128GB.

According to current online survey, both iphone11 pro and 11 pro max might not have storage variants lower than

By: Kelvin Mawunya Ashong. Twitter Kelvin Mawunya Ashong, Facebook: Kelvin Mawunya (Official) Company: kam-links ltd. Do you have article or a story you may want to publish? Please email us now or whatsapp on +233546770815. website: passion 4 excellence!!!

September 7, 2019

With over 1.3billion people watching and waiting for the good news of its vikram making a safe landing on the moon, hopes seems to be lost as the agency lost trace of the lunar lander. India’s hopes for its Vikram lunar lander to make a soft landing on the moon were all but dashed when ground control lost of the aircraft’s signal.

According to space annalists, the normal performance was observed up to an altitude of 2.1 kilometres. Subsequently, the communications from the lander to ground station was lost. What is known is that the landing aircraft had successfully performed the rough braking phase, a controlled but strong fuel burn to reduce its descent velocity. But the trouble began shortly after the fine braking phase was initiated. That latter phase should have reduced the speed a little bit more to create the conditions for the craft to make a soft landing. While applause from engineers, scientists and invited guests matched each prior phase of the descent, the mission control room suddenly went quiet.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was hopeful and applauded the progress of the scientists. “what you have achieved is no small feet, i am with you, proceed with courage, hope for the best” Modi told the scientists in the control room.

The only nations to have attained that achievement are the former Soviet Union, the United States of America and China.



By: Kelvin Mawunya Ashong. Twitter Kelvin Mawunya Ashong, Facebook: Kelvin Mawunya (Official) Company: kam-links ltd. Do you have article or a story you may want to publish? Please email us now or whatsapp on +233546770815. website: passion 4 excellence!!!

August 9, 2019


Apple has planned to supply special iphones to security researchers from next year to help them find security damages in iOS. The security research device program will be available to researchers with a track record of high quality security research on any platform so that, not every regular developer will be able to access these devices.

Apple says the handsets will come with ssh which is a root shell and advanced debug capabilities all designed to make it easier for researchers to spot bugs. The devices will be made available to researchers that report bugs through the company’s invitation bug bounty program for iOS.

By Kelvin Mawunya Ashong. Twitter Kelvin Mawunya Ashong, Facebook: Kelvin Mawunya (Official) Company: kam-links ltd. Do you have article or a story you may want to publish? Please email us now or whatsapp on +233546770815. website: passion 4 excellence!!!


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