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Twitter introduce new feature ‘Tip Jar’ which helps you receive and send money

Twitter has introduced an interesting feature to its platform. This new feature is about sending and receiving money as a sign of showing love to your pals or whoever you want to send money to, and who wants to send you some tip. One of the biggest social media platforms in the world announced on […]

Apple drops new products eg. watch, iPad but no single sign of iPhone 12

This years Apple Event got people thinking as the Tech giant company released a couple of products including apple watch, iPad but no sign of iPhone 12 as presumed by many iOS users.       Apple has this tradition of launching products in September every year. Multiple products were launched today, September 15 but […]

USA regulators approve facebook $5billion settlement

The United States Federal Trade Commission, FTC has approved an amount of 5billion United States dollars facebook settlement over its investigation of the social media company’s handling of personal user data. The Federal Trade Commission for some months has been investigating facebook for allegations of inappropriately sharing information of about 87million users with defunct British […]

Whatsapp discovers targeted surveillance attack

Whatsapp, a subsidiary of facebook said it has discovered a surveillance attack which has targeted a “select number” of users which has was orchestrated by an advanced cyber actor. The attack has been developed by NSO group, an Israeli security firm, a report in financial times has disclosed. On 13th of May 2019, whatsapp urged […]

Windows PCs Vulnerable To RID Hijacking; Grants Full System Access To Attackers

A security researcher named Sebastián Castro has uncovered a way of gaining admin rights and boot persistence on Windows PCs that is not only simple to execute but hard to stop as well. RID Hijacking This technique manipulates a parameter of Windows user accounts named Relative Identifier (RID). Account security identifiers (SIDs) that define a user’s permissions group, typically have a […]

Why AWS has such a big lead in the cloud

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