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July 25, 2020

Ghana on July 21 reported 8 new  covid-19 deaths and 691 new cases within 24hours. This brings the country’s total confirmed case case count to 31,057 with 8 new deaths.


The country’s coronavirus death toll now stands at 161 as of July 21st. World Health Organization has warned of the alarming increase of covid-19 infections across Africa with south Africa recording the highest number.



Here in Ghana, majority of the people do not adhere to covid19 protocols, making it very difficult to contain this invisible enemy. President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo has directed the security services to arrest citizens who may be found in public without their masks . Some also believe the virus still doesn’t exist in the country. Many have said until they witness and see dead bodies on the streets of Ghana, they won’t believe there’s this deadly disease in Ghana.


The WHO have warned Africa may become the next hotspot for the virus.

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July 24, 2020

China in early hours of Friday local time ordered the United States of America to close it’s consulate in Chengdu, China’s southwest city according to CGTN



The decision made by the Chinese government is in response to America’s directive on July 21st to shutdown China’s consulate General in Houston. The United states argued it was necessary to demand closure of the consulate to protect American’s privacy and intellectual property.



Chinese officials have warned America and Trump’s administration of the development threatening to retaliate if the decision is not rescinded. It seems U.S China relations is deteriorating day after day and its very unfortunate to see world super powers fight.


Our people use to say when two elephants fight, it’s the ground that suffers

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July 22, 2020







Watch Isaac Dogboe vs. Chris Avalos – Jul 21, 2020 Live Stream Online











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July 6, 2020

The Freelance Journalist in the Ashanti Region make his investigation on Tanodumasi the hometown of the Youth and Sports minister of the Republic of Ghana who duoble as the member of parliament for Atwima Mponua constituency, Hon Isaac Kwame Asiamah in the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti Region are appealing to stakeholders to come to their aid because their Member of Parliament and their District Chief Executive, Hon William Yaw Darko have been neglected their community from developmental projects.

In his research, they lacks so many developmental projects like,Toilet facility, Abandoning police station, Abandoning market structures in the community, No potable water to drink, Poor road network in the area and many more.

The freelance journalist in-canter that, Tanodumase is a farming community which produces many foodstuffs to the people in the cities in the country but they are suffering a lot with these problems which are affecting the community and that has led many diseases at the area.

They are calling the Honorable Isaac Kwame Asiamah, Member of Parliament (MP) and Honorable William Yaw Darko, the District Chief Executive(DCE) of their district Atwima Mponua to order the Agric Extension Officer (AEO) to return back to his Banguro been rejected for over many years ago

*:::::::: Video:::::::::: (Tanodumasi Abandoning Agric Extension Officer Banguro).*

In his investigation, they lamented that they have informed their executives about these challenges and God been so good, Tanodumase is the hometown of the MP but they haven’t got any help on that.

They added that, he has been in parliament for sixteen (16) good years now and still going to unpossesed but it proved futile since our problems still remains.


Writer: Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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June 30, 2020

As part of the measures put in place for the registration of the new voters Identification card, members of tema east constituency who  are partaking in the registration process break the social distancing rule as they queue for the registration.

By the directives of the president, that the registration should be done at an open place, the officials assigned to conduct the registration refuse as they claim the weather isn’t favorable enough, so conducting the  exercise in an place would be a problem.Therefore conducting the exercise in an enclosed area is the best as they opined.

Watch Video here…


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June 17, 2020

A 19 year old teenager has died after she gave birth to triplets. Lilian Benedict lost her life after she delivered three healthy babies on Sunday. Mrs Josephine Geoffrey, an assistant director for Nursing Services at Yola specialist hospital confirmed the tragic incident to New Agency of Nigeria (NAN) according to the Daily Trust.



Mrs Josephine revealed that the teenager died as a result of “Post Partum Haemorrhage”

“She died as a result of bleeding after delivery and all the three babies are in good health condition. Poverty and lack of early antenatal attendance also contributed to her death”




Mrs Josephine Geoffrey continued “we therefore advise parents whose young daughters are pregnant to, as a matter of urgency, attend early antenatal to avoid unnecessary complications during childbirth”


Taliba Kanakuru, 26 who is Lilians boyfriend was very shocked and devastated over the sudden demise of her beloved girlfriend. He revealed that they have planned to marry just after her delivery. Mother of Lilian, Koloskiti Benedict said she lost her dad when she was only eight years old and has pleaded with the government to assist her to nurse the babies.




May her beautiful soul rest in peace

Source Daily Trust

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President Trump has accused former president of America, Barack Obama for committing serious crimes when he was in power. He noted that, its something that went on even before he got elected.


President Trump had an encounter with the media and couldn’t explain the exact crimes the former president committed while in office and has directed the media to look more into the papers. Trump calls it ‘ObamaGate’ and emphasized that, its something that went on for a while considering all informations that have been released.

Journalist asked,  Mr. President in one of your tweets you accused president Obama of committing the biggest political crime in American history by far. What crime are you exactly accusing president Obama of committing and do you believe the justice department should prosecute him.


Trump answered “Obamagate, it’s been going on for a long time. Its been going on from even before I get elected and it’s a disgrace that it happened and if you look at what’s going on and all the information that is being released. Some terrible things happened and should have never been allowed to happen” the president revealed


Trump was asked again what his crime is but declined to give further details in the above video. And said its obvious everyone knows. He also encouraged journalists to read more newspapers to know the actual crime. Here’s the problem,  there’re several newspapers in America and it’s very difficult for the truth to be exposed unless state authorities come out with prove to back the president’s claims.



Obamagate has been trending for over 24hours when the former president called Trump’s response to tackling coronavirus as “chaotic disaster” and pledged to work very hard to campaign for Joe Biden who was his vice when during his tenure. All this being equal,  Americans will cast their votes to elect yet another president. The race is now between Trump and Joe Biden.


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The government of United Kingdom has published a 50 guidance document with details on how England will begin to ease lockdown restrictions. Part of the document states that no professional sports, not even behind closed doors will be staged in England until first June.


The document states that reopening of venues that attract large crowds, such as sports grounds ‘may only be fully possible significantly later depending on the reduction in the numbers of infections’ of deadly covid-19.


Step two of the plan which will not be allowed to start before June first includes ‘permitting cultural and sporting events to take place behind closed doors for broadcast, while avoiding the rist of large scale social contact.


Four English teams currently remain in European football competitions in 2020. Manchester city and Chelsea are in the champions league while wolves and Manchester United are in the Europa league.


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Supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un is said to be alive and well according to NK News, Kim was reported to have attended a ribbon cutting event to mark May first international labour day.

According to reports,  kim was joined by his sister,  Kim Yo Jong including North Korea’s top officials to grace the occasion. This is the very first time he made his public appearance after almost a month of ‘no where to be found’. Many people around the globe speculate that, the leader of North Korea had died after a ‘butchered heart surgery’ procedure. This is reportedly his first appearance to an official public gathering after April 11.


The ribbon cutting event was held at sunchon fertilzer factory to mark May first international labour day, making it Kim’s first public appearance in states media in 21 days according to NK News.


There have been several reports of this demise. Just hours ago, news paper outlet, Republic reported that North Korea defector says ‘he is 99% sure of Kim’s death.


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April 3, 2020

Prophet Kofi Oduro blast telecommunication networks in Ghana over internet packages as against the COVID- 19 


According to the man of God, lots of people and companies are giving out free foods, sanitizers, and other essential items during this coronavirus and lockdown period.


He added that the Telecommunication networks during this two weeks lockdown should be giving their customers free data but they have decided not to go anything.


Prophet Oduro indicated that God will judge the telecommunication networks for their selfishness.

watch video here…

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Kwesi Afful

Twitter: @kwesi_afful1

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